Microsoft will let you pay bills from inside Outlook

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Microsoft announced Monday that its payment service would be integrated with Outlook in a bid to better integrate bill pay and invoices into emails. It was one of the modifications to Outlook that the company said would allow developers to better engage with users.

The Microsoft Pay system would let users make payments through emails without having to switch to other apps. Microsoft said initial payment partners include Stripe and Braintree, while billing service Zuora and invoicing services including FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave, and Xero would also be among the companies working with the new Outlook capability. Microsoft Pay will be rolled out to some users over the next few weeks, while more users will receive the capability over the next few months.

Additionally, Outlook will gain Adaptive Cards for actionable messages that help contain notifications and conversations into one message. The new card format can be added to emails, bots, and Team chats, Microsoft said.


Why is it good to make an app a container for other apps? Is that not what the OS is for?

Not when the most used platforms aren’t using your OS

People use Outlook on iOS, Android and macOS

I don’t know, why do people love Chrome and Firefox for all the extension?

Improving functionality natively within the environment where your users are is a plus.

Not when it comes to microsoft and windows. I don’t trust windows with my password for this account, never mind my banking credentials.

Fine, but don’t trust any company then.

Ok? Then what’s the point of even commenting here. If you don’t trust Microsoft, then you’re not using Windows OR Outlook lol. Whatever then.

There isn’t a bill I can’t pay from my phone. why break out the laptop for something I can do on my phone in the time it takes for Windows 10 and outlook to open.

Except that Windows is likely open when you get the bill, why pick up your phone to pay it? And don’t say you’ve never picked up your phone to pay a bill while working on your computer

Why take my phone out of my pocket when I already have windows and outlook open. Also notice the multiple invoicing partners, this is heavily targeted at the b2b market.

Options are a good thing.

Can they just make a PWA and place it in the store already? Clearly that’s where the features are going not the UWP mail app

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