You can now set Amazon’s Alexa as your default voice assistant on Android

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Amazon’s Alexa can now be set as your default personal assistant on Android phones and accessed through holding down the home button, as a user on Reddit pointed out. Previously, you were only able to swap in Microsoft’s Cortana as the default voice assistant on Android devices.

Setting up Alexa on Android is going to vary depending on which device you have but the general gist is that you update the Alexa app, then head into your phone’s settings under the category for “Assist apps” and change your selection.

Alexa’s functionality on Android is still pretty limited. Alexa can’t pull up maps or make native calls, although it can do a quick Google search. There are also fewer options for summoning Alexa than there are for Google Assistant: you can’t activate Alexa through saying its name or by squeezing your phone.

Users on Reddit confirmed seeing the new option to add Alexa as the default assistant on their Google Pixel 2, One Plus 5, One Plus One, Xperia, Moto G5 Plus, Essential Phone 1, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S9 devices.

Image: u/itsallaguesswork on Reddit


Why would you want to??? Google Assistant is much more better. The less of Amazon and Bezos I can have on my phone and home the better.

because isn’t part of running an Android device is that you’re not supposed to be locked into one system per se?

choice for the consumer is best.

Alexa has far more third party support to combat Google Assistant.

Different strokes for different folks. A lot of people have already committed to Alexa/echo as their smart home speaker and might just want to keep things consistent.

Wish Apple sucks up their pride, and opens up their iOS to let its users have a useful voice assistant, and also Google sucks up their pride to release Google maps for CarPlay.

Google sucks up their pride to release Google maps for CarPlay.

…I don’t think that’s up to Google…

A hard press of the amazon app isn’t that bad to use alexa.

If only I could set Google Assistant has my default in iOS.

Wow, that would be a step backwards… why would anyone want Alexa over Google Assistant, it just pales in comparison. I just wish I could replace Siri on my iPhone with Google Assistant. At least I can say, hey Siri talk to Google Assistant

So, which version of Android does this work with? The screenshot makes me think Oreo 8.0+.

Looks like the Assist API this uses was added in Android 6 Marshmallow:

I personally would never switch away from Google Assistant, but I’m a firm believer that choice is a good thing cough Apple cough

Interesting. Been using Cortana as my default on Android for a while. I did not realize that you could not previously do the same with Alexa.

I really wish I could do this with my iPhone/CarPlay. It is not that I despise Siri, but I have house full of Echos and use Amazon music.

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