Windows 10 is getting a File Explorer dark mode and new cloud clipboard

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft is testing a new build of Windows 10 today (17666) that includes some new features that will be available later this year. The biggest addition is a new cloud-powered clipboard that will let Windows 10 users roam their clipboard contents across devices, and presumably eventually to Android and iOS devices. The cloud clipboard includes a history of what has been copied, and it will sync in the same way Sets and Timeline do, so you can copy from one PC and paste on another.

Windows 10 cloud clipboard

Alongside the cloud clipboard, Microsoft is also bringing a dark theme to File Explorer to match the rest of the Windows 10 dark user interface. The new build doesn’t have a full version of the dark theme just yet, but Microsoft is previewing how it will eventually look in Windows 10. Microsoft is even making some minor changes to Notepad, allowing developers to use Unix / Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR) in the app. You can also highlight words in Notepad and use a keyboard shortcut or context menu item to search Bing for the word.

Microsoft is also making some subtle changes to Fluent Design in this latest test version of Windows 10. Sets now have an acrylic title bar, and the Alt-Tab experience now includes recent Microsoft Edge tabs to switch between. You can disable this new Alt-Tab change in multitasking settings, and this subtle improvement joins the new screenshot tool for Windows 10. The new Windows 10 build 17666 is available to Fast Insiders immediately, and the features should be available to Windows 10 users later this year.


All I need now is a space to preview like on Mac, preview pane is okay at the moment but I’d prefer it if I could see it bigger and in the center of my screen.

And proper support for Adobe Thumbnails, not really sure if that’s exactly a Microsoft thing or not. I know there’s programs you can download like sagethumbs which add support but last time I tried it it messed up a lot of thumbnails.

Yeah this feature is really needed. Spotlight preview is so useful on Mac.

first 3rd party add on I hunted down when I bought my SB2.

If it gets that there’s a rapidly vanishing list of what keeps me preferring macOS.

WWDC, come on…

For real, at the rate Microsoft is going it really has me thinking a Windows machine will be my next computer.

There are multiple 3rd party apps – i use this one:

Hey, I found solutions for both of your problems
1- Quicklook is free and do exclaty what you’re expecting
2- Psd Codec isn’t free but works very well for previewing psd, ai, pdf etc

I hope there is a way of disabling this clipboard, I don’t want things like my passwords residing in it.

Read the blogpost, there is.

Every single article about a new Windows feature has that one comment: "I don’t like this or want this – can I disable it?" I have never seen such resistance to change for other platforms.

This is just a symptom of having a platform that’s being used by over a billion people. There will always be unique use cases and personal preferences that would irk some of the users.

There isn’t really much Microsoft can do here other than offering a way to customize the experience based on personal preference. But being a developer myself, I fully appreciate how much daunting it is to enable and support nearly infinite permutations of customization and preferences.

There’s always that one guy…

Really wish Microsoft would change how Windows renders font. After using macOS for so long it’s difficult to look at Windows, the text just looks so bad. Easily they worst font rendering out of any OS.

If you use Windows for a long time and go back you may feel the opposite, I’ve heard it both ways.

iirc, macOS prioritizes keeping a fonts original look, which on non-retina screens can make things appear blocky, whereas Windows will fudge the fonts a little to better align with screen pixels, part of Cleartype, making it smoother on lower PPI displays in exchange for not being entirely true to the font.

Sensitive folks can also notice colour fringing on the Windows method of subpixel rendering softening the font.

Also, this varies a lot between screen resolutions / scaling percentage, custom rendering between different software, and fonts used.
Some fonts look terrible on my 100% scaling 1080p 24" external monitor on Intellij Idea, while looking fantastic on my 200% scaling 4K laptop screen, and then the rendering of the same font is just different on VS Code on both screens. If you use mixed scaling like 125%, it’s usually not great.
I’ve used both Macs & PCs and different fonts are clearly nicer in both platforms. In general I’m more used to Windows rendering, but I find Mac easy to switch, while I always find Linux fonts … weird.

Dark mode for File Explorer is a welcome addition. It’s always jarring opening up the bright white File Explorer while the rest of my programs are dark.

Dark mode for Explorer and uniform UI are all I’ve wanted since W10 released. So we’re half way there.

Nice but I do hope we get a full fluent redesign with updated icons, acrylic etc.

Cloud clipboard with history? That’s about the worst idea I’ve ever heard of for an OS. I’m sure dopes will love it until someone else sees their porn/cheating sites and passwords.

Disable it then. This is Windows – where you have options, not macOS – where Apple dictates how you should use or interact with the features.

Why pretend like there are no toggles in macOS? You can enable and disable most features in macOS, just like Windows. Have you ever used macOS? What a strange comment.

As long as explorer does not crash as often as any other UWP, I’m fine with the dark mode. Oh btw, copy paste works like shit in UWP environment. Memory can’t even be pertained after the closure of source UWP app (copy from edge, close edge, lost the copied data). Honestly, flooding an ecosystem with new features and leave most of them half-baked, not a good way to be in long run.

Ok so will I be able to copy multiple things to the clipboard and then choose which thing I paste? I’ve always wanted this as a native feature aside from just using plug ins on certain programs.

You sir, need to get Ditto. I can’t live without it!!

I will have to check that out!

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