Spotify is testing a new personalized playlist featuring your friends’ favorite songs

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

A couple months ago, some Spotify users noticed a new playlist called Friends Weekly, a curation of songs that your friends on Spotify recently played. It now appears that Spotify is rolling the feature out to a larger group today, although the company confirms to The Verge that it’s still in testing.

Image: u/reCAPTCHAmePLZ via Reddit

Today, another user with Friends Weekly shared a different screencap with a separate group dedicated specifically to friends’ Discover Playlists. Although you can technically follow your friends’ Discover Playlists now (if they’ve made them public), you have to go to their page to find them. This row is a smaller test, and not available to everyone who has Friends Weekly.

These playlists appear to be an effort to help make Spotify an even more social experience and engage interest around its version of an activity feed. Plus, it’s probably hilarious to discover some of your friends’ worst (best) guilty pleasure songs.


I understand they do random A/B testing of different features, but I really wish there was a setting to opt-in to these tests – it seems like I sometimes get the latest features before anyone else (I had Release Radar and another weird auto-generated playlist before anyone else was talking about them, and have had the voice search for several weeks now), but others like this that I would love are nowhere to be found.

Really cool, but, alas, I don’t have any friends on Spotify.

Very nice idea.

Great, but not for me. I hate my friends’ taste of music

Yeah, same here – I’m kind of an outlier in terms of what I like and what my friends like

Well it’s just another playlist so I guess not a problem. I personally follow the Discover Weekly playlist of people I follow, so that feature just makes this simpler.

This came up on my Spotify maybe a month ago, just for a few days, and then went away.
It was weird – because my friends linked in to Spotify have really broad tastes when you put them in a playlist. It really didn’t work that well as was all over the place.

Been using this for a couple of months now, it was my favorite playlist each week for a while but it’s kinda been lacking recently.

That’s great and all, but could I just get a player that plays the way I want it to? I should be able to play albums in reverse chronological order, or play all songs by artist without shuffling or starting at the featured songs, or select and album I don’t want to hear, etc.

I guess get a premium?

None of my friends listen to the same kind of music I do. On the upside I get to annoy them without any action needed on my part.

I’ll give it a chance when it comes. But I’m very sceptical.

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