Fortnite is reportedly coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Fortnite, the massively popular battle royale shooter, is reportedly coming to Nintendo’s Switch console soon. A leaked list of E3 Nintendo games appeared on 4chan this morning, alongside a Korean game rating for Fortnite on Switch. Eurogamer reports that the leaked E3 Nintendo games list is accurate, and to “expect an announcement soon.”

Fortnite recently launched on iOS and is coming to Android this summer. While the game uses touch controls on iOS and Android, on Switch it could likely use a combination of both the touchscreen and Joy-Con controllers. Fortnite fans have been waiting on a Nintendo Switch version, and it looks like we’re about to hear more about it at or before E3.

Nintendo leaked E3 list.
Image: 4Chan


Nintendo fans be like: Overcooked 2!!!

Hey, I’m on XB1 and I’m still like "Overcooked 2!!!".

Online this time please.

Just played the first one at a friend’s house for the first time. Arguments broke out, friendships ruined, the whole nine. A++ would do again.

I’m really interested as to what is announced with regard to Cross Play with the Nintendo Switch version. If it enters the Mobile, PC and Xbox Pool of Players (instead of PS4, PC, Mobile or its own Pool), it will call out Sony big time as the difficult one and keep the pressure so hopefully one day Cross Play will just be considered the new norm with any platform.

Except I venture to bet most people just jump into Battle Royal mode with no care about who they’re playing against. It makes little difference if the person is on a PS4 or PC/XB1. I don’t see it lending to the experience much other than to allow Switch owners to be a part of the party.

I think there will undoubtedly be crossplay between Switch & XB1 simply because their install bases are just that much smaller than the PS4. They need people to play against. I don’t see it putting any significant pressure on Sony however as long as they keep delivering on the more robust unique gameplay experiences that Microsoft lacks.

Doesn’t Fortnite already have cross-platform play between every platform that can run Fortnite?

It definitely does. If you have an Epic account linked, you can play with your friends on any platform. I’ve played on PS4 with PC players.

Yes, except PS4 and Xbox.

Sony is protecting their player base from an ass handing. That’s their official excuse. They are scared their players will cru and whine if they never win a match again.

yeah but annoyingly you cant have one account between all devices. having it linked to both xbone and ps4 breaks functionality on one device so you need to set up a new account

I actually think it’s pretty critical to the long term success of Switch for this to have cross play.

A lot of major Nintendo IP do well and have long legs for their online crowds. But often third party titles tend to wilt pretty quickly. Having other audiences there would go a long way to ensuring that Switch owners have a good amount of people to play with.

That’s pretty much what I said. Lol

Oh yeah I wasn’t disagreeing with you, just placing extra emphasis that the Switch release really does need cross play to actually succeed.

If you have a friend on XB1 and you have a PS4 then you cant play with each other. Its not about randoms, its about who you can team up with.

Sony are the stingy ones in the cross-play online realm.

As I said, I venture to bet that most people aren’t teaming with friends. Nor do I think Fortnite is the game to push any significant number of people to the edge.

Nah not true. In North America Xbox has more players online.

Your statement would be true for a European but not anyone in the western world. Ps4 sales in NA are millions behind what Xbox and Nintendo have combined.
With only 30 percent of Ps4 players with ps plus that only leaves around 10 million possible players in the US but I’d argue that it’s closer to 8 million.

It’s possible for both xb1 and switch to match those online player pool numbers in the US.

Sony is just greedy scum. They ragged about Microsoft being greedy with drm but then they don’t allow a free option that every Ps4 online player wants.

The only ones that don’t want it are the guys that only play single player movie exclusives. The real gamers want to prove they are better than Xbox gamers.

Sony won’t let that happen because they know with a much slower network the xbots would dominate and make the ponies cry.

Even on games like mine craft apparently.

I would expect it to. Rocket League on Switch is in the ‘almost everyone’ matchmaking pool.

While adding another game to the mix would strengthen that, we already have many examples of Sony not allowing it while Microsoft and Nintendo are just fine with it.
Fortnite won’t group up Xbox and Playstation players
It is simply not an argument anymore that Sony will not allow cross play with another console.

There is no reason to expect the Switch version would work with Playstation players and would not work with Xbox players.

No thank you.

Thanks for your input.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z though… all over that

there goes all my surprise and excitement.

the real deal here is DB FighterZ coming to the Switch

They better think of a non-terrible way to do voice chat soon. Fortnite is pretty useless without a headset.

Splatoon is painful too. A game that relies on communication, yet all you can do is say this way or ouch, it’s pathetic. I’m not getting that stupid adapter thing either. Nintendo needs to sort it’s shit out.

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