Gears of War is getting a Funko Pop-themed mobile spinoff

The Gears of War franchise is expanding to mobile, but you probably didn’t expect this. At its E3 press conference today, Microsoft announced a surprising new addition to the Gears family, called Gears Pop, which will mash together the hulky shooter with a Funko Pop aesthetic. Microsoft says that the game is being developed in partnership with the toymaker and that it was inspired by the Gears line of Funko Pop figures, which includes cutesy renditions of characters like Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz. There’s even one of an angry-looking locust drone.

Pop represents the first Gears game on mobile, but it will be some time before you can play it. Microsoft says the game will be available next year on both iPhone and Android.

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I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal funkopop. The design and build quality is so poor compared to things like nendoroid. I mean,sure they’re cheaper and more varied… But let’s not forget we’re talking about plastic figures here – having many poorly made figures just sound too close to simple consumerist waste.

Are these going to be the new Lego type games?

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