There’s a new Battletoads game on the way

A new Battletoads game is real and happening, as evidenced today with a brief trailer onstage at Microsoft’s E3 conference. The game will include three-player couch co-op, hand-drawn graphics, it’s coming in 2019, and that’s... all we know.

Rare created the original Battletoads in 1991, but the series has remained untouched for nearly two decades. Microsoft acquired Rare and several of its properties in 2003, however, which gave fans new hope that it might one day return. For now, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with this short, snarky trailer.

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Really smart from Microsoft. Series might not be a console seller but it can certainly motiv8 ppl to turn on their boxes.

This is awesome. Always loved Battletoads. Only thing that would make it better would be a Switch release which obviously isn’t happening.

If the art style is similar to the tongue flick from the trailer, I’ll be really into it

Will it be as punishingly hard as the original?

I feel like a lot of that difficulty was from flickering sprites on the NES – especially riding the bikes. Playing it on an emulator, or on the Genesis it isn’t as hard (it’s hard, but it isn’t the game-cheated-you hard).

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