Bethesda announces Starfield, its long-rumored sci-fi adventure

At E3, Bethesda showed off a teaser of Starfield, the long-rumored sci-fi adventure game, which the company says is its first new franchise in 25 years.

Described as a wholly new, next-generation first-person game from the company set in an entirely new world, Bethesda didn’t offer any details on the new title other than a short teaser image, but for fans who have been waiting for a new series from Bethesda, it looks like Starfield is it.

Presumably, we’ll hear more from Bethesda in the coming months (or years) about Starfield, but in the meantime, at least we know that it’s finally real.

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Did he really say it is a "next gen" game as in the 9th gen of consoles?

He said "next gen" because that’s what you always say. Whether or not it means the next gen of consoles is up to interpretation.

It could be interpreted as being a new engine rather than Creation Engine, I suppose.

Hopefully it will have some RPG-elements in it as well; since Mass Effect won’t receive any new series entries, I really need something else to fill its void!

which the company says its been working on for 25 years.

They said it’s the first new franchise they’ve created in 25 years. Not that they’ve been working on it for 25 years (which doesn’t even make sense).

Ya, this isn’t Duke Nukem.

If you’re not going to give me some gameplay videos I would rather not even know this exists if I have to wait a zillion years for it.

Hrmm. I wonder if first person is the best perspective for a sci-fi RPG. I guess we’ll see.

Star Tropics is going to be great!

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