Bethesda teases The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda officially announced the existence of the sixth game in its long-running Elder Scrolls series — known right now as simply The Elder Scrolls VI — at its E3 press conference this evening. We know almost nothing about the game, and Bethesda confirmed it with a very short teaser trailer showing an expansive environment with mountains and wilderness before the logo flashed on the screen.

Suffice to say this game has probably been cooking for a long time, and yet we‘re likely very far off from a release date or anything concrete about what the game will actually look like. Still, Bethesda confirming that the game is indeed in development should be enough to get the legions of Elder Scrolls fans excited.

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Yes. Finally they finished remaking Skyrim. Hopefully its on a new engine so I won’t have to suffer through a loading screen for every single door.

I’m glad they put skyrim on everything. Because I want more profits for Bethesda, so they can get bigger budgets for future titles and new IPs and hopefully have a game on everything I want to game on.

It looks so beautiful I’m gonna cry

seriously i am not too sure how to feel about this. it’s a landscape view and a title.

Exactly, probably took a minute or less to prepare that teaser. It’s similar to what Nintendo did with Metroid 4.

At least it gave me more than the Super Smash Bros one, like a probable location…

Didn’t he say it is coming out after Starfield? I am guessing it will be a while then. Sigh.

Yeah, it’s a few years out, but it’s nice to know they haven’t completely abandoned the single player game for The Elder Scrolls Online and replaced it with Fallout and Starfield.

I’m hoping for VR baked in from conception.

ESO was a failure to me. I hope they do for elder scrolls online what they’re doing for Fallout 76. I mean it actually looks like a real fallout game.

Given the timing and the wording of everything, I’d guess this is slated for something like 2022 or 2023.

They mentioned before that they want elder scrolls on next gen consoles. I’d love for it to be a launch title but probably won’t.

Throws money at the screen

Frowns at how unreceptive the screen is

I wonder if that was part of the Summerset Isles.

Kinda looks like it. Almost looks like Skyrim…. Just without the snow.

I wonder if my job will allow me to request days off 5 years in advance…

My thoughts exactly.

I’d jokingly say it’s a Skyrim reboot… but I’d run the risk of being right.

Nearly had a panic attack. Omg I can’t wait. I’ve still been playing Skyrim and about to buy it again for the Switch. Been playing ESO… But I’m still ready for the next Elder Scrolls Game.

is it worth the re-buy on the switch? I am about to do the same. Ive bought the damn game like 3 times now.

VR supported?

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