Watch the very first gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part II

Sony showed a new trailer for The Last of Us II that features Ellie as a playable character in our first glimpse of gameplay for the title. The trailer begins with a younger, more innocent Ellie at a dance with her friends and a female romantic interest, presumably during a more peaceful time, but there’s unclear placement in the timeline of events beginning with the outbreak to the ending of the first game. Jumping years later, Ellie is shown to be a highly capable and deadly fighter. The trailer features the stealth elements that were a cornerstone of the first game, as well as a refined form of the brutal melee combat from the original.

The Last of Us Part II is one of the next big-budget, single-player-focused narrative games on the schedule for the PlayStation 4. Sony’s platform has had an absolutely stellar year of exclusives, specifically in that genre, including Horizon Zero Dawn and the new God of War. Sony-owned studio Naughty Dog is now tasked with delivering on immense expectations carried over from the original The Last of Us while pushing forward both the technical and narrative elements of the genre, just as the original did in the final years of the PlayStation 3.

We got the first trailer and the initial announcement for the game back at PlayStation Experience in December 2016. Last year during Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog made waves with an ultra-violent trailer that, despite some well-deserved backlash, did introduce a number of interesting new characters into The Last of Us universe. We know the game centers on Ellie who, now grown up and seemingly still immune to the Cordyceps brain infection, appears to be a much more hardened, almost nihilistic survivor. Joel, who made a controversial decision at the end of the first game that determined Ellie’s fate, is still in the picture, but to what extent we still don’t know.

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That’s hot! <3

This is what makes a Playstation essential: Naughty Dog

Amazed that some people say exclusives don’t matter.

It makes the fact that we bought X-boxes hurt less.

This game is what will push me to finally buy a PS4. Always knew a Last of Us sequel would be the catalyst.

My guess is late 2019.

Chic fil a doesn’t appreciate girl on girl action.

Need more of these kiss scenes. Felt so realistic (animation)


Never played Last of Us, but it seems like this looks more like a movie than a game in the way it plays. Do you even have a choice when playing this game or do you need to follow certain paths/rails? How much of it is cinematic? Or how much is playable without preset animations?

It’s really hard to judge based on this trailer. Looks tense, though.

Not sure if you actually watched the video but other than the opening scene with the slow dance and kiss everything was happening in real time.

While I assume the game is still spinning a linear narrative it appears to have the same freedom of how you approach enemies as the first game. Looking at how the player chose to advance I can already see several things I would’ve done differently to not get seen at all. Granted I’m sure this demo was designed to not get through quietly in order to show off how fast-paced the action can become.

I’m watching the trailer whispering, ‘no, go left!’ Then cringing with every decision.
Then I quietly budgeted a monthly allowance for the game.

The first game was mostly on rails. You have decisions on how to take down enemies, but it’s not an open world sandbox game. It’s linear. But oh so amazing. If you have a PS4 I would recommend picking up the remastered original and then playing this one when it comes out. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. Easily top 10.

My male gaze is over 9000.

As usual, Naughty Dog didn’t disappoint. Game looking stupid good! I just hope it comes out 2019 and not 2020.

And the transition from a kiss to a brutal kill was damn brilliant.

Naughty dog living up to their name

Amazing trailer! So realistic. Do we know how old she is in the game ?

The level of detail in this game is off the charts! If you look closely at the girl that dances with Ellie you can see her "Eve’s Apple" move in her throat just before they kiss.

I shudder in dumfounded excitement of what the next level looks like for Naughty Dog once Sony inevitably makes the PS5 that’s capable of 8K gaming.

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