The Resident Evil 2 remake is coming on January 25th

Sony just showed off the first trailer for Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2, which sees Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield struggle to survive into a zombie-overrun Raccoon City. The trailer doesn't feature live gameplay, but it's entirely 3D-rendered. The game apparently moves away from the pre-rendered backdrops of the original game as well as the lauded remake of the first Resident Evil. Capcom says it features a “new over-the-shoulder camera mode and modernized control scheme,” suggesting it'll play more like Resident Evil 4 than 2.

Capcom announced that it was developing a Resident Evil 2 remake nearly three years ago, and nothing has been heard since. The game is coming earlier than you might have expected, though: the release date is set for January 25th, 2019. It'll be coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One and PC. Capcom says the visuals will be in 4K but hasn't gotten any more specific.

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For me, Resident Evil 2 was the best entry in the series, both in terms of story/content and fear factor. With respect to the latter, it all derived from the pre-rendered backgrounds. Things jumping out of static backgrounds were totally unexpected and genuinely shocking.

I’m curious how the remake will end up in comparison to the original, but given the ability to play interconnected stories isn’t as fresh as it was back in the 90’s – just look at Detroit for example – my expectations are set to "Mild".

I think the best entries are 2 and 4, so I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s probably not going to have much in common with the original structure, and I’m okay with that.

You know what, on second thought I’d rather this was Resident Evil 1.5, the project that was scrapped mid-way through development and retooled to become the game everyone knows as RE2. That could have genuinely been a new product entirely, and would even have been a more legitimate "retro setting" for the series than the disastrous RE: Operation Racoon City.

Heck I’d even settle for PS One-era graphics on RE1.5, just make a complete game.

Gameplay footage is shown in this trailer from 0:57, looks amazing!

I’m holding out for Code Veronica!

this is not RE2. it’s a new game. the stillness of scenes and scary music was perfect in original RE2.

I don’t like it

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