Fortnite now has 125 million players just one year after launch

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Developer Epic Games announced today that Fortnite has grown to 125 million registered players in less than a year. The metric, confirmed in a blog post about the game’s $100 million e-sports competition, is the first updated player figures from Epic since the company confirmed the game had been downloaded 45 million times back in January. Just last week, Epic investor Tencent confirmed that 40 million people play the game at once a month. Fortnite came out in July 2017, and its battle royale game mode didn’t launch until September 2017.

It’s no wonder Fortnite has ballooned in popularity given that is both free and accessible on almost every major platform, including the Nintendo Switch as of earlier today. The only player base left untapped right now is Android, which is, of course, the largest on the planet due to the number of Android smartphones. Last year, Google announced there were more than 2 billion active Android devices across the globe. So that’s a huge potential opportunity for Epic to continue growing its battle royale hit.


Headline makes it sound like Fortnite is somehow haemorrhaging users overnight.

Let’s be honest, the save the world mode only has a few dozen playing it, people are only playing the free version but there’s a buttload of them

Only a few dozen, huh? Care to show the proof of that?

Proof? On the internet? Are you mad?

"A few dozen" – That’s one hell of a hyperbole.

Sure it is but the reality is it’s a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the overall playerbase

What’s your point?

That the actual game that they made is weak and barely played and people are only playing the free br mode which though it’s doing well is about to be joined by likely hundreds of other games with br modes.
Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think that fortnite is going to vanish any time soon but it’s going to lose big chunks of its player base

What’s your point?

Once Android users are added…this game will go supernova!

Ive downloaded the game for my Switch, but I don’t see myself getting into it too much. Simply not a big enough fan of these types of games.

Fun game. I played for awhile, got bored and went back to PUBG. Looking forward to BFV Royale.

same here, the gunplay just doesn’t cut it for me in in Fortnite, and I’m not really enjoying the building mechanic.

"uuhhh being shot, luckily I can instantly spawn a stairway in the line of sight". Not saying there’s no skill involved in doing this right, but these fights are just not something I enjoy

The auto-aim is why I stopped playing. PUBG seems so much more difficult to me with the lack of auto-aim. But Fortnite is obliviously more polished.

That’s just a console thing though, and you can turn it off in the settings if you really want that challenge in other games. Playing without surely is a disadvantage on consoles.

I think he also means that opponents with auto-aim is a bit ridiculous too. Kinda like how quickscoping is stupid

I thought I would like PUBG better so I tried it on a free weekend on XBone… It seemed like a laggy low framerate mess..

Free weekend saved me $30 at least.

what’s PUBG numbers?

Since it is on Steam there is more public info on the PC side of things anyway:
So 1.7 million concurrent users daily (so that is not monthly), down from 3.2 million in Janary, and 44 million sales overall (I support steamspy on patreon so get slightly more precise numbers).
That is just on PC.
For XBox I simply googled and found:
Then on Android Google Play says its 50 million downloads.
I imagine (I guess that number is not public) that iOS has about the same, maybe a little less something like 40 million?
So that would be 44+5+50+40~=140 million users overall

So from that perspective the Fortnite numbers are not even that impressive, especially considering it is free and it is still a new thing, so many of those players in those counts will only be trying it out briefly (but the same is true for PUBG on mobile).
However, I think the most important number in all the numbers in this comment is that PUBG used to have a daily max of 3 million users on PC, it is getting hammered (‘pickaxed’?) by Fortnite.

You have to admit its a little impressive.

Yeah, I might have put that a little wrong, you’re right.
It was more my own reaction to the numbers I found on PUBG, that that game is also just a monster, especially once you start adding up the platforms.
Fortnite is probably a lot bigger, but on the other hand after today I think it is not twice the size or more, something I thought before today (it would still be interesting to compare daily or weekly player counts on all platforms, monthly is not that interesting a number since it would relatively increase the percentage of ‘one-time-players’, but those numbers will probably remain secret).

Why isn’t PUBG on PS4, the most popular console out? Do they want to lose to Fortnite?

I believe they have a exclusivity deal.

They already lost.

I still don’t understand how they haven’t made it available for Android. It’s available for friggin’ Switch but not Android? Did Apple pay them or something?

It’s SIGNIFICANTLY harder to develop and optimise games on Android.

For one thing, Epic has to make the game run well on everything from a Galaxy Note 4 to a OnePlus 3 to an S7 to a Note Fan Edition to the Pixel XL to a Moto Z Play to the countless Xiaomis to a OnePlus 6 to the notched phones to the new Vivo NEX…

Whereas Epic only has to optimize Fortnite for just EIGHT iPhones and even fewer iPads.

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