Fortnite for the Switch was downloaded 2 million times in under 24 hours

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Yesterday, Nintendo announced the immediate availability of free-to-play megahit Fortnite for its Switch console. And in under 24 hours, the game has been downloaded more than 2 million times, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé. Speaking with Polygon today, Fils-Aimé said the metric speaks to a lot of pent-up demand for the game on a console like the Switch, because of its inherent portability and the ability to sync your Epic account across multiple platforms and have all your in-game items and progress unlocked.

Unfortunately, the launch has been somewhat mired by a controversy around cross-play and cross-progression between the Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4, with Sony remaining silent on its decision to block PS4 players from using their accounts on competing platforms. Despite that, it seems Switch users are nonetheless interested in getting the game up and running, especially given that it’s free.

Even for those who do play primarily on PS4, having Fortnite on a portable console is better than not at all (or the mobile version, which is still somewhat difficult to play without Bluetooth controller support). In his hands-on time with the game, The Verge‘s Sam Byford found the Switch port to be a competent alternative to console and PC play, albeit with some noticeable graphical deficiencies and somewhat more cumbersome controls.

Yesterday, developer Epic Games announced that Fortnite has 125 million registered players since its launch in July of last year, and a vast majority of them are playing its competitive battle royale mode. Now that Fortnite is on the Switch, the only other major platform left untapped is Android, which Epic says should arrive later this summer.


I downloaded, but when I found out I couldn’t track progress since my main account is PS4, I decided not to play it on the Switch. For now, I’ll keep playing on iOS when I’m out and about (since it does sync with my PS4 account). I care about my progress toward earning V-bucks, which I use to subsidize buying the next season’s Battle Pass. The Battle Passes make playing more interesting due to all the extra missions, and making the game feel fresh through the skins, etc. So this is a bad move by Sony, and I hate it, but it worked, I will continue playing on the PS4 and iOS.

Basically anyone that has a PS4 and wants to play Fornite has already done so. So Nintendo is going to be the real loser here. Sony knows that if you primarily play on their network that you aren’t going to stop because of the Switch version because everyone wants to keep their progress.

Is this game fun to play portable on the Switch without having internet access? Is there much of a story or worth in playing on the go on the subway?

You have to have internet access to play.

The portability is more for people who have wifi access when they’re out and about (or perhaps tethering with their phone… I’m not sure how the latency is with that setup, though).

Works fine tethered to a phone. i use a spare phone as a cheap wifi hotspot.
Works great on hotel wifi too.

I really wish that Switch had LTE, but on the other hand that would completely ruin my life as I would be playing all of the time.

I can’t be the only Switch owner not to give a flying fig about Fortnite, Smash or Pokemon… I just want my Dark Souls and other big single player game releases… anyone else out there??

I’m sort of with you on this. I downloaded Fortnite last night but haven’t played it yet. I’ll get to it eventually but I’m not as excited as I would be if it were Metroid 4 or a Pikmin game.

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