Verizon launches a third ‘unlimited’ plan

Chris Welch
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Verizon is launching a new service plan today called Above Unlimited, which is the third unlimited plan the carrier currently offers. As the presence of three “unlimited” plans might indicate, none of these plans really offer unlimited data, but Above Unlimited at least offers the most not-unlimited data out of the three plans: you’re only subject to throttling after using 75GB of data a month, or 20GB of usage as a hot spot. After those limits, your plan is subject to throttling “in times of congestion” until your allotment resets.

The new plan starts at $95 per month for a single line. That’s $10 more than the Beyond Unlimited Plan, which offers 22GB of data and 15GB of hot spot usage before throttling, and $20 more than Go Unlimited, in which you are subject to throttling immediately, all video is compressed down to 480p quality, and hot spot speeds are limited to 600Kbps. Clearly, Verizon’s worried about streamers (at least the ones who aren’t using Go90).

I’m not actually clear on how often or how substantially Verizon throttles Unlimited subscribers who go beyond their cap, but the fact that Verizon is offering this third tier suggests it must be doing enough to cause people problems. It’s good that Verizon is at least offering a larger data option for those who need it, though it could be clearer about what “unlimited” really means.

The carrier is announcing another helpful update today: for families using unlimited plans, it’ll now allow different phones to have different versions of the plan, instead of requiring every line to use the exact same service option. That might allow parents, for instance, to put their kids on the cheaper plan, while they opt for a more expensive one for themselves. Those changes and the new Above Unlimited plan will all become available on June 18th.

Correction June 14th, 1:40PM ET: Customers of Verizon’s Go Unlimited Plan are subject to throttling immediately, without reaching any kind of cap. This article initially said the plan “doesn’t appear to have a cap,” which was technically right... but not in the way I meant it.


There’s almost no point to distinguishing between hot spot data and device data. Just make the 75 GBs the data cap on 4G speeds and then throttle down to 2G-3G.

This is why I love Project Fi and they take it a step further by just giving you SIMs for your data-only devices. The obvious downside is that it isn’t meant for heavy consumption but we are able to mitigate that by smart usage.

They will never do that because their hope is that you’ll never use all 75GB on a mobile phone. It’s like those $1/month website hosts. They offer a big product for a small price (with tons of throttling) with the hopes that they will have more subscribers per server and none of those people using any resources so they have consistent income for no actual overhead.

Verizon, please stop this use of subersive language already. A plan that has limits, cannot be called unlimited. It’s like telling someone you love them Monday through Friday.

It is unlimited, its just slower when you hit the limit.

it’s not unlimited if there is a limit.

*limit on data speed not using data itself

the point remains. it’s advertised as unlimited 4G LTE data on their site and you have to dig to learn about the limit on speed.

The thing is they are technically correct. The issue is that they mention the fact speeds can change depending on usage for the month and how congested your area is.

They’re putting limits on an "unlimited" plan. "Here’s your unlimited high speed data plan. BTW, if you use a predetermined amount of your unlimited data we will turn your unlimited high speed plan into a low speed plan."

By definition that is a limited plan.

Then it’s not unlimited…

Didn’t you hear? Words don’t really mean anything now. It’s not limited to Verizon.

Subversive, sorry for the typo.

Verizon has never really had a firm grasp on how numbers work. It’s been nearly 12 years since this gem.

That’s hilarious!! I see this all the time when businesses think .50¢ means the same thing as 50¢.

Unlimited has become a meaningless marketing term.

I have unlimited cash*

*cash has limits of $1000 or less. See authorized Tratia895 dealer for details.

Technically, you could have unlimited cash stream of $1000/week for life, or ongoing. That is unlimited.

Until you can actually use Employee discounts on their unlimited plans, Verizon’s unlimited is still obscenely overpriced compared to the competition.

Thats hella expensive. I pay 5€ a month for 100% unlimited dataplan here in Finland

Wow, I thought I had it good with €20 a month or the for unlimited everything I’d move there if I could survive the cold/language haha

your country is also hella small, so your provider does need to install hella cell towers on hella buildings, with different agreements/customers, etc.

Bay area people don’t even say hella anymore (except in rare instances).

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

I use close to that amount monthly and I’ve never been throttled on Big Red.

And with the World Cup the next month, I will smash through 100 gigs easily with streaming. It’s been four days since the billing cycle started and I’m already at 14 gigs.

Do you have the regular gounlimited or beyondunlimited?

There outta be a law …

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