Apple’s AirPower charging mat rumored to ship in September following ‘technical hurdles’

Image: Apple
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Apple first announced its AirPower wireless charging mat 282 days ago back in September, with a 2018 release promise. Previous rumors suggested it would launch in March, but an iPad education event and WWDC keynote have both came and went without any mention of the AirPower mat. Bloomberg reports that Apple is now aiming to start selling its AirPower wireless charging mat before or in September.

Apple has reportedly hit “technical hurdles” developing AirPower, thanks to the complexity of the circuitry involved and engineers having to ensure the mat doesn’t overheat. Apple is creating AirPower so it can charge three devices at the same time: a modern iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (thanks to a special case). Bloomberg reports that engineers have been working on fixing firmware-related bugs, as Apple is using custom chips and attempting to allow consumers to place devices anywhere on the mat.

While Apple has clearly hit delays with AirPower, other companies are trying to take advantage of this gap in the market. An Indiegogo campaign to crowdsource Plux, an AirPower lookalike, has raised $595,000 so far, demonstrating the demand for such an accessory.


Ah, how I missed reading ‘beleaguered’ in an apple headline. The good old days!

90s flash back.

Like seeing Ted Danson behind a bar: even if it isn’t the same, the nostalgic glow warms the little cockles of my heart.

It’s been quite a 21 years hasn’t it?

Sucks it’s taking awhile but glad they aren’t cutting corners. I got a cheaper charging pad off Amazon for a family member and that sucker gets hot so I can understand a bit what they are dealing with.

I also got a cheapie from Amazon and it takes a while to find a charging sweet spot where it constantly charges without stopping…annoying af. I’d gladly pay up for this if Apple got it right.

Palm had it right using a magnet to line up

Yup. Pity it was dog slow and the rest of the phone was so unreliable.

No one cares.

Or just use a Lightning cable that will also charge your iPad, Apple TV remote, et cetera, and not take up nearly as much space on the table.

Last time I visited best buy I bought me a belkin and it charges my X so slowly it takes hours to charge, but I don’t have the USB-C cable and wall charger, so it ends up being a very slow charge even when charging on the outlet

Go with an Anker pad. Under 20 bucks and they charge just as fast as the belkin models priced three times as much.

Go with a Lightning cable; it takes up much less space on your table and can chage a multitude of Apple devices including iPads.

I honestly don’t remember how much I paid for my belkin, but it was on sale at best buy… It was something around 30 bucks

"Apples beleaguered"?
The Verge using a perjorative headline in an Apple article. Who’d of thunk it?

I Read this headline last year and still waiting..

They’ll have to charge us $249 for it to compensate I guess

Looking at the $300 "Home" mono speaker they’re selling, I’ll be amazed if it isn’t $199 or higher.

I like Apple too, but I’m guessing you’re not far off in the estimate department. (hope its alot less but…)

Maybe it will have Siri integration

So lots of technical details and an operating system. This thing cannot be cheap. I get being able to charge three devices in one location, but if this costs way more than 3 individual chargers and is locked into only "smartly" charging Apple devices (probably since it has an OS) this won’t be a product for most people. Like me!

Still waiting on the all important price announcement. I’m already assuming there is no way I’ll be paying what they’re asking but I’m holding out a glimmer of hope.

Leave it to Apple to over engineer something as simple as a wireless charging mat

Why would they design a simple wireless charging mat? There are hundreds out there. They need to design some thing that offers added value so they can charge their usual premium prices.
They seem to be doing this my the multiple device, auto-aligning intelligent charging system. Overcomplex? Maybe but wait and see.
Besides, it will stand them in good stead when the truly wireless version comes

Auto aligning?

All the money in the world and they can’t push a product out… puzzling. They are not some tiny start-up, you’d expect they were confident they had a working prototype last September. Oh well let’s see what happens, wish Google would see the light and change the Pixels to use wireless charging…miss it since I swapped from Samsung.

Why show it if it wasn’t even working properly at the time? Essentially vaporware. Absolutely ridiculous.

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