Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android now comes with a built-in ad blocker

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is building Adblock Plus directly into its Edge browser for iOS and Android. The software giant has started making the integration available to Microsoft Edge for Android beta users over the weekend, alongside an iOS test program. The feature will be rolled out more broadly to all Edge for iOS and Android users soon. The adblocker can be enabled in the Microsoft Edge settings, and doesn’t require a separate add-in to download and install.

Microsoft’s step is significant, as the company has partnered with Adblock Plus to build this functionality straight into the browser. Google previously unveiled its own ad blocking in Chrome for Android, but it’s not as aggressive as Adblock Plus and most ads aren’t blocked on the majority of sites. Mozilla’s Firefox for Android browser also includes a form of built-in ad blocking, but it’s only activated during an in-private tab session. Samsung Android users can also install Adblock extensions to block ads in Samsung’s browser.

Microsoft Edge for Android has now reached 5 million installs on the Google Play Store, so it still has a way to go to catch up to the 100 million Firefox installs or the default Chrome browser which has more than 1 billion “installs” on Android. It’s not clear how popular the Edge browser is on iOS, but Microsoft first released Edge for iOS and Android back in November, and the company only recently made it available for Android tablets and the iPad.

Update, June 25th 6:50AM: Microsoft is also testing this adblocker in Edge for iOS.


I do have Edge installed on my phone and it gets the job done just fine along with Chrome. But realistically speaking, Microsoft probably doesn’t expect to get much out of the browser since they definitely know majority of the Android users won’t even know or care to install it in the first place.

I disagree. I see Microsoft advertising this more through Windows 10. E.g the Settings App and through the Windows OBE.

I just started using it in place of Chrome on my Note 8. Seems to be less of a battery drain than Chrome. I really like it.

I’m legit considering installing this and using it for Microsoft Rewards points. If Microsoft wants to bribe me to use their stuff, I’m not complaining.

Microsoft reward point system is highly underrated. I haven’t paid for 12 month Xbox Live service for almost 2 years now.

Interesting. How much Microsoft activity do you have to generate to earn that amount?

For every search you get 5 points. Double if you are using Edge as your browser. I believe there is a limit to how much points you can generate per day (250 per day), not sure about that number.

Beside that Microsoft has daily activities which you can take to generate point on "Microsoft Reward" page. Each of these activities range from 10 points to 50 points, those alone will grant you 100 points per day. If you shop anything over Microsoft Store or Xbox Store, it will grant you points too depending on amount you spent.

I spend a few over 10 mins everyday on Microsoft Rewards page and have Bing set up as default search engine. I am sitting currently sitting on 2,100 point this month alone. So, in other words, you can rack up points quite quickly ones you get hang of the reward system.

YUP……….my sentiments exactly – my web searches have netted me the past (2) years of XBOX Live Gold subscriptions…………

I did just that on me Essential phone. I also switched to Edge on my desktop too after using Chrome since it was in beta. Chrome is still essential (much like IE was when Chrome launched) but Edge has a fresh modern feel, especially on touchscreen PCs.

Edge for Android was was released to Preview in October 2017 and it just hit 5 million downloads.

I think some people may use Edge on their phone because they want to be able to easily send links to their computer. It’s supposed to be linked with Edge on Windows 10.

I wish we’d get built-in adblocker in Edge for iOS. Currently iOS requires separate apps for ad-blocking. These are integrated with the system functionality but only seem to filter content for Safari; not sure I understand then why these are system wide apps if they only work for Safari.

I am also not sure if these external adblocking apps are multi-threaded and how efficient their handover of content to Safari is; I think it would probably be much more efficient for adblocking and rendering to be built within the same app.

Please Microsoft, bring Edge to iOS with built-in adblock!

Probably because Apple likes to reserve features for itself to give itself a leg up over others.

Microsoft literally just released an update today for Edge iOS beta that enables the ad blocker. I’ve updated the story to reflect that

Great news! Thanks

Good thing about Firefox on Android, is that you can install the uBlock Origin extension if you want the same functionality as on the desktop. You can install just about any extension you want too, which is why I still use Firefox on Android.

Not so long ago I decided I will move all my web browsing back to Firefox (to supporting open source, nostalgia and the addons) but the scrolling on android was unusable, moved back after 5 mins.

What’s this issue? Im using Firefox on Android to leave this comment.

One comment saying "ugly scrolling" and some saying that Quantum fixed it. There are only four comments here, did you link to the wrong comment section?

I have not encountered any scrolling issues using Firefox on Android for years. What’s the issue?

Does that mean Microsoft is coming back with Edge? I mean I have tried different adblock browsers but none of them have worked efficiently.

This seems like something Microsoft would have never done in the past. They come off as a square corporation that does nothing rebellious. This is the type of thing that’s needed to differentiate. I may just give it a try.

Microsoft doesn’t make money from advertisements, so they can do this. Google and Facebook will likely never support something like this.

Well, they do make money off of ads in Bing searches, and probably some other places as well, but I agree it’s not core to their business.

Where is Edge for iOS? I don’t see it in the App Store.

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