Watch the first trailer for Disenchantment, Matt Groening’s animated Netflix show

Last year, Matt Groening announced he would be working on a new animated series called Disenchantment for Netflix. Where his series Futurama was a comedic take on science fiction, Disenchantment will be his take on fantasy tropes. The trailer openly frames the show as a counterpart to Futurama (set in the future) and The Simpsons (set in the present). It introduces a medieval fantasy world called Dreamland, as a king lifts the hood off a “no good pile of scum” prisoner, only to discover that it’s his own daughter, Bean.

Bean is described as a “hard-drinking” princess, and the show will follow her and her two companions, an elf named Elfo (voiced by comedy actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon) and a demon named Luci (voiced by actor and TV host Eric Andre). The trailer features Groening’s familiar character designs, but showcases a look that feels more complicated, modern, and computer-generated than the more organic designs of The Simpsons and Futurama.

Netflix ordered a total of 20 episodes of the show, and the first season of 10 episodes will begin streaming on August 17th.


Seems more Futurama than Simpsons.

Probably a good thing.

Definitely sounds more Futurama than Simpsons, which is great Futurama had some of the best voice talent in the business.

Life in Hell really should have it’s own series by now. Would be perfect for today’s society.


I really hope so.
I love The Simpsons, but Futurama’s wit with the amazing continuous storytelling is way better than the Simpsons isolated episodes format.

Love the animation style. Looks like Netflix has another hit on their hands.

I can’t wait for this. Netflix is starting to have some awesome animated series.

Ugggg! Don’t use the world trailer in the headline and just give me a teaser.

Looks awesome though. If I can’t have more Futurama, I’ll take this.

Do you want more Futurama? It was great while it lasted but they ran through all the sci fi parody concepts (and some fantasy ones) and after that, what is left really?

Looks fun. But where is Dan Castelleneta? We need a Medieval Devil!

"Hear ye! Hear ye!" was definitely voiced by Phil LaMarr (the voice of Hermes Conrad)

Futurama used a heavy amount of computer generated animation, so this style isn’t new.

True, but the art style (excepting the character designs) in this teaser looks NOTHING like Futurama or the Simpsons.

Will this be cancelled, return, cancelled again, return, and then forgotten about? Or is that only how Fox TV shows work.

Hard — but no longer impossible — to get canceled on Netflix.

Fingers crossed this is sharp writing / timing as Futurama, but was it me or did the animation seem to be stilted? Frame rate in the video was off, hopefully this is a bit more fluid than the trailer.

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