Google Maps may be getting Waze’s best feature: incident reporting

Image: Google Maps via Android Police

Waze’s incident reporting feature looks to be coming to Google Maps, as some users have spotted on their Android apps. The feature shows road work, the time an accident was reported, and whether a user is confident a slowdown is still active.

Incident reporting on Waze, the navigation app Google acquired five years ago, lets users report road closures, accidents, police cars, and other traffic problems. In an earlier Google Maps APK teardown, Android Police spotted the feature two weeks ago and now it appears to be rolling out to users. It’s not clear if the feature is just a test or whether it will become permanent and available to all Android users in the next update. Google confirmed to The Verge that the feature has been live for several months on Android.

Though both mapping apps are owned by the same company, many drivers prefer using Waze because the incident reporting feature is accurate and timely. But the two apps shouldn’t clash with each other too hard in terms of fighting for users; Waze is specifically designed for drivers, while Google Maps is used for walking, public transit, and biking directions in addition to searches for local business information and recommendations.

Last month, Google’s in-house start-up incubator Area 120 made a Waze-like competitor for the New York City subway system that similarly lets users report delays and accidents. Since the app was launched, a fair amount of people started to actively report incidents (529 people today so far, as of this writing), indicating that people might be willing to flag traffic problems on any app and not just Waze.

Update June 29th, 1:50 PM ET: This article has been updated with confirmation from Google.


great, waze is nice but it’s just too power hogging and clunky IMO, if Google bring the schedule feature to Maps I might finally get rid of Waze

it is so slow to load up when you first open it. that is the most annoying part of it.

Man I hate Waze, but I cannot live without it. Not a single day goes by that I don’t use it, multiple times. The crowdsourcing is just that valuable. I hope Google brings over all of it, including police alerts and not just traffic/accident information.

Fix the bike maps already

I don’t get why they still have both apps, just merge them!

NO, hell no. I prefer Waze by itself. It has way more features that are much more useful and is more accurate as far as arrival times and traffic goes. Google Maps is actually slower to update their traffic info compared to Waze.

I have had trips on Waze where the arrival time updates either faster or slower as it happens. The same can be said for Google Maps but only after you been sitting for 5+ minutes then Google Maps updates with a later arrival time like, no shit I am going to be late. Waze can route immediately with the time change as well.

What I am saying is, Waze is still more up to date and accurate, and has things like police sightings and other reportings.

Also Waze doesn’t require a Google account to use, which is a big plus for me.

I didn’t say get rid of the useful features Waze has.

I use both at different times via Android Auto and each has some nice features that the other one frustratingly lacks, but I’d much rather just have one map app from Google with the best features of both.

I don’t get why I can send directions from a browser to Maps but not to Waze

Why can’t Google just add what they want to Google Maps and leave Waze alone? That is my issue.

Knowing Google they will force everyone on Waze to use Google Maps eventually though. It sucks.

Maps, Waze, and Earth should merge into 2 apps. one is solely for direction which merge maps & waze feature, the other one is solely for looking map & location which merge maps & earth feature. Both apps can talk to each other as well.

Waze is trash. It takes forever for it to actually catch up to your cars movement. I would have turned the corner and finally awhole 60seconds later the GPS catches up. No thank I rather use Apple Maps than use Waze. I’ll stick with Google.

A 60 seconds delay? In my country (Israel) everyone uses Waze and I’ve never heard of such a delay.

My Android phone and tablet get a lock on GPS in a few seconds after startup then it’s as if it’s a built-in in-car navigation (maybe 10 – 30 meters behind at worst). Waze works really well for me.

You need a better phone then. I didn’t have those kinds of problems on my htc tilt 10 years ago.

Waze’s best feature is speed camera alerts.

That is in Europe I suppose. In the US there aren’t really any speed cameras. But the police report is just as useful in the US. I’d say people report 90% of police speed traps here. Unless Google adds either police reports either speed cameras, I’m not switching to Google Maps.

Maryland has them, not sure if any other states do, I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Speed cameras around Dayton.

Chicago’s got them all over the place.

Here maps is even better, unfortunately they are behind in most other stuff

Waze’s best feature is speed camera alerts.


Along with clearly displaying the speed limit of the road you’re on.

I use Waze daily, as shown by the burn in on my phone’s screen, but I really like google map’s lane indications.

I had always heard the reason why Google Maps didn’t have speed trap/camera alerts was because they were pressured by local police departments not to include it, so I’ll be curious to see if those are allowed with this new system.

I use Waze mainly for the police reports. It’s usually spot on.

a fair number of people

People aren’t rice.

Waze is awesome. GMaps is the one that’s bloated and unwieldy.

Grammar Nazi out.

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