Microsoft launches new Windows Collaboration Displays to make meeting rooms smarter

Microsoft is launching a new type of conference room display at Computex this week. While the software giant manufactures its own Surface Hub, its partnering with other display makers to create Windows Collaboration Displays. The displays simply hook up to existing Windows 10 PCs in businesses, and include built-in sensors that connect to Microsoft’s new Azure IoT spatial intelligence features. The sensors will detect presence in a room, so they could let a businesses improve how a room is heated or cooled, and to more efficiently manage room-booking systems.

The displays are high resolution, multi-touch, and support stylus input just like you’d find on a Surface Hub. Microsoft is even certifying that the displays have far-field microphones for features like Cortana, and a camera is attached for video conferencing through Microsoft Teams or other software.

Sharp collaboration display

Ultimately, the new displays are designed to improve conference meeting rooms. Typically, businesses either use regular TVs or projectors, and these displays are smarter with stylus input, multi-touch, and intelligent sensors. Microsoft isn’t manufacturing the displays itself, and a number of them will be available from partners like Sharp and Avocor later this year.


So, these + existing company PCs = "Poor" man’s company’s Surface Hub. Not bad.

I’ll take wtv I can get

Haha, will have to see the price, but this is probably more of a middle class company’s Surface Hub.

A poor "man’s" hub (of which I’ve built a few) is a Computestick plugged into a Sammy 55" TV with a Sammy 55" touch overlay screen.

Another creative and catchy name for a Microsoft product.

Deliberately uncool to drive people to buy Surface Hub.

I guess these make sense if you’re looking to replace existing panels and want a digital whiteboard. I hope MS haven’t done the same as Cisco and made these too optimised for their own meeting application. By the sounds of things they haven’t.

We care too much about our meetings and would rather use Skype for IM and BlueJeans or for our meetings, as we need PSTN dial in and room system interoperability, in HD, without breaking the bank.

I’ll definitely give one of these screens a try (subject to cost)

Surface Hub = Glorious Master Race
Windows Collaboration Display = Dirty Peasants

In all seriousness though. Surface Hubs are glorious.

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