Gmail for Android now lets you customize swipe actions

Google’s been delivering a bunch of overdue updates to Gmail over the past few weeks, and one more arrived in the latest update on Android: the ability to customize what happens when you swipe an email to the left or right. The addition was spotted by Android Police.

Previously, swiping an email in your inbox would archive it, no matter what. That was useful, but not nearly as useful as it could be, since swipe gestures can really help you clear out your inbox so long as their actions fit with the way you work. Swipes have been a fixture of mobile email apps for several years now, and many of them offer users the ability to customize what they do, so it’s an overdue addition from Google.

Gmail’s swipe gestures are not the most customizable in the world, but you have enough options here to make it useful. In settings, you can now assign the left and right swipe to either archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move, or snooze an email. (Snooze being one of Gmail’s other recent — and overdue — additions.) You can change your gestures by going into settings, then general settings, and then choosing “swipe actions.”

Unfortunately, the customization option hasn’t come to iOS yet. But seeing as Google’s been releasing a bunch of new Gmail features across the web and its apps recently, chances are it’ll arrive soon enough.


This seems so obvious and is much appreciated. Our future is likely filled with small, incremental improvements like this, rather than revolutionary new UI or UX, but I’m okay with that. Thanks for making our lives a bit easier, and thank you, Verge, for keeping us up to speed!

Windows Mail app has had that for like two years already.

Basically…Google finally playing catch up to Microsoft’s Outlook & Windows 10 Mail apps.

Gmail has been customizable for a while too.

let me guess you have no idea swipe was there in gmail longer than outlook 2 years ago. this feature now is left swipe and right swipe customization. outlook still has one swipe which gmail had years ago.

Those apps hare horrible. Fonts are way too big, they are crash prone and the have way way way more functionality. So do the iOS and Android apps with they add-in system which we use at work for meeting room reservation. All not possible with these toy apps.

@ apsted….wrong, you’ve been able to customize the swipe functions in Outlook for quite some time. No one said Microsoft had the ability to swipe first….let me guess, it just hurts to know that Google is late?

outlook still has one swipe which gmail had years ago.

I guess not.

Previously, swiping an email in your inbox would archive it, no matter what

Do writers at the verge use these apps? Mine has been set to delete for nearly two years because Gmail already allows you to customise it. Default was archive but you could change it if you so wished.

You could only customize it in an all or nothing way. You can’t set it to swipe right to delete and swipe left to archive. That’s what they mean by no matter what.

If it does, both the verge and you have no idea what the correct usage of that phrase it.

No matter what categorically states you can’t customise the swipe from archive when you most certainly can.

Why does Google’s iOS apps get all the new features first. Yet again./s

Unfortunately, the customization option hasn’t come to iOS yet


FINALLY !! Long time due .. It felt weird that we could not mark a message as "Read/Unread" with a swipe..

Sweet, I can stop using Inbox altogether now.

I just want to be able to archive OR delete from the notification. When is that coming?

I haven’t used the Gmail app in a long time, but I remember that if you wanted to clear an entire category, e.g. Promotions, you had to long press next to one of the emails and then individually select the emails you wanted to delete. In Inbox, by contrast, you can just hit the Delete button at the top and delete everything in that category. Has that feature made its way to Gmail yet? If so, then bye bye Inbox.

That’s probably my biggest gripe. There should also be a ‘select all’ option.

I have been Swiping to delete for Years in the Gmail app.. This is NOT new.

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