Watch the trailer for Battlefield V, now with a battle royale mode

Battlefield V is getting a multiplayer battle royale mode that’s been “re-imagined for Battlefield.” Developers are promising to “bring you an experience that you haven’t had before.” For now, there are few details on what the new mode will look like, but Dice developers say more information will come soon, perhaps during the Xbox E3 briefing tomorrow.

In addition to battle royale, there are several other tweaks to improve gameplay. Players will now be able to dash and fly through windows, move turrets around with more flexibility, and tanks can now break through buildings. There’s also a bigger emphasis on being able to customize your characters.

In its single-player mode, Battlefield V also gets several “War Stories” where players travel to France and Norway during World War II, battling across Rotterdam, and other locations. War Stories, a feature that was first seen in Battlefield 1, is going to highlight smaller battles that haven’t gotten as much attention in history class.

In the trailer, we get to see one of the War Stories, called Nordlys, which means Northern Lights in Norwegian. Nordlys highlights a story of a young woman fighting German occupation during 1943. As Dice promised earlier last month, the newest Battlefield game will have several female characters.

When Dice initially announced that women would be fighting in the World War II shooter, some fans protested, citing historical “inaccuracies.” Addressing the fan backlash, Dice general manager Oskar Gabrielson said on Twitter, “Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay. We want Battlefield V to represent all those who were a part of the greatest drama in human history, and give players choice to choose and customize the characters they play with.”

Battlefield V is set to begin its EA Access Trial on October 11th. A deluxe edition will be released on October 16th, and a standard edition will follow on October 19th.

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Despite the initial uproar that followed Battlefield V’s unveiling a coupe of weeks ago. I think that this game will be a success as the information that has tricked out following the announcement livestream and first trailer seems to have revived the interest of a lot of veteran players of the franchise. All of the new and reworked game mechanics that put more of an emphasis on team play and squads than recent games have, along with the newly announced battle-royale mode and the elimination of battlepacks and premium pass will hopefully make for a game that is the best Battlefield yet. As someone who has been playing the games for over ten years, I think these changes will breathe new life into the Battlefield series and provide a game that the community will embrace after being split after the buggy release of Battlefield 4, the woefully underwhelming Battlefield Hardline and the successful, but super casual Battlefield 1 which alienated groups on PC by delivering a severely limited server rental options. I guess we’ll all find out on October 19.

Good summary!

As a veteran of the series myself, I found BF1 really underwhelming, and have gone back to BF4 which was far more entertaining and varied. If BF5 can recapture the randomness and mayhem of BF4 with some cool old vehicles and fun gameplay, and without the microtransaction cancer or Premium rip-off that killed some of their previous games, I can see it being really successful.

I’m not super excited about the Royale mode (which I’m already really jaded with) but it will be interesting to see EA’s interpretation – they have the budget to make it super graphically interesting and their movement and gun-play systems are already top-notch.

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