Apple reportedly shipped 3.5 million smartwatches in Q2 this year

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Apple shipped 3.5 million smartwatches in the second quarter this year, an uptick of 30 percent year over year, according to a Canalys report today. Last year the second quarter was Apple’s worst of the year, so the numbers this year suggest the Apple Watch Series 3 is considerably more popular than its predecessor.

Still, rivals like Fitbit and Garmin also made a strong showing in Q2 and they actually widened their share of the market. Features like advanced heart rate metrics and smart coaching helped those rivals set their devices apart from the Apple Watch. So although Apple shipped out more watches, its overall market share dipped to 34 percent compared to 43 in Q1.

In Asia, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE was the most popular model, accounting for 60 percent of a total of 250,000 units. Canalys senior analyst Jason Low said in a statement to The Verge that Apple’s progress mainly came from its decision to partner with telecom and mobile network operators in Asia and Australia. “Operators in these markets are willing to resell connected devices other than smartphones that can help them generate extra revenue from data services,” he explained.


I bought a Series 0 (the original) second hand and was surprised at how good it was. I didn’t expect to like it that much, and I didn’t expect to really enjoy the sport/activity tracking for running and biking as much as I did.

I still don’t see the use for reading email, or the announced Webkit support for the Series 4, but maybe it’ll be better than I expected. The experience so far has been a pleasant surprise.

It took less than three years for the Apple Watch to become the most popular watch in the world.

I remember when Jony Ive was laughed at for his statement that the Swiss Watch industry should be worried. Pretty crazy to see how huge this product has become.

I remember when Jony Ive was laughed at for his statement that the Swiss Watch industry should be worried

He’d still be laughed at. The Apple Watch competes with cheaper quartz models.

I wouldn’t be so sure. The Swiss watch industry saw about two years of steady sales declines immediately following the release of the Apple Watch. I personally used to buy Swiss watches relatively frequently (and still own 6-7), but since the Apple Watch came out I’ve bought 4 of those, and zero Swiss watches. It’s had a bigger impact than you think. Apple sells more watches than any watch brand, including all of the Swiss brands.

A huge reason for the initial decline can be attributed to China’s anti-"gifting" laws and taxes. The industry has been rebounding, with quartz models still being the losers. People are buying expensive watches, with smart watches impacting the cheap ones. It’s better to say the low-end market is in trouble.

Swiss watchmakers sell quartz movements, including Tag Heuer and Patek Phillipe. Not all Swiss watches are mechanical, nor are they all high-end.

I’m pretty sure the average watch sold is under $100, so compared to that the Apple Watch is relatively expensive, with an average price of roughly $330, and much more at the high end. It has had less of an impact at the high-end, but has had a huge impact at the mid and low-end.

The average Swiss watch was $803 as of 2014.

Quartz Swiss watch exports have been on the decline for decades. Swiss manufacturers have been moving toward higher end mechanical watches, as the lower-end segment is won by others (ie. Seiko).

When Ive made his statement, was he referring to cheap Swiss watches? Absolutely not.

I wasn’t talking about the average Swiss watch price, I said the average watch price.

I don’t know why you’re trying so hard to avoid the obvious reality that the Apple Watch has had a huge impact on the watch industry, including the Swiss watchmakers, but if that makes you feel better, go right ahead.

If you’re not knowledgeable on the topic then why bother getting into it? It’s pretty clear there are bigger factors at play.

Now that I think about it, you’re the same one that told me Google’s exact phrase search is useless when searching for exact phrases. Thanks for reminding me of who I’ve been talking with

Lol. I’ve actually read that same report. I never said there weren’t other factors. All I’ve said is that Apple is the number one watch brand, and that the Swiss watchmakers saw a couple years of steep declines immediately following the Apple Watch release. Both are true.

I have no idea what you’re talking about with the Google search thing…

Interesting that market growth seems fairly steady in this category, something I didn’t expect – especially from other OEMs.

Curious to know if most Apple Watch owners are happy with their purchase. I’ve been debating picking one up since its launch but still haven’t seen a compelling reason to get one.

I’m happy with mine, but I don’t expect that much. Use it mainly for notifications, quick replies to messages and running.

Curious to know if most Apple Watch owners are happy with their purchase.

I’m happy with my S2. Coming from cheap Android Wear the Apple Watch has a much better screen, much more accurate activity monitoring and reasonable battery life.

Do be aware it’s quite a buggy device though, it requires restarts every week or so to maintain an acceptable level of performance, the occasional re-pair with the phone and updates are a disaster (I’ve never had another device take so long to update)

Totally agree with update times, but I can’t remember ever having to restart mine…

It takes roughly an hour to update. Not sure why. It’s likely being transmitted over Bluetooth from the iPhone. As for weekly restarts, I’ve owned all 4 Apple Watch models that have existed, and have never had to do weekly, monthly, or any restarts for performance reasons. It sounds like yours is defective.

Love mine. Do I need it? No. But there are a lot of tech items I don’t need. It is a great device that I find worthy of the price. I’d wait for the upgrade this Fall, should be a new design.

Very happy, and the customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high.

I’m on my second. First was the original stainless steel one and I was pretty happy with it but the new series 3 is streets ahead.
Notifications and payments are my big uses but heart rate monitor and sleep tracking also very useful.

I picked up a Series 0 a few months after it first launched and I honestly feel I’ve gotten my money out of it. I wear it every day, it’s helped me be more conscious of my level of activity, and it’s helped reduce the need to pick up my phone as often as I used to. After over three years of constant daily use and abuse (I shower with it, swim with it) the battery has been just as reliable (full day) and the functionality (Siri, speech to text, general speed, heart rate accuracy, etc.) has been as solid if not better through updates as when I purchased it.

If this thing died tomorrow, I’d buy a new one right away and I honestly think it’s the best compliment I could give it. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t used one for an extended period of time (two weeks to a month) but it has long since become a critical piece of kit for me to the point that if I forget it, I’ll go back home and get it.

If you’re that satisfied with the Series 0, you’ll be blown away by the Series 3, or upcoming Series 4. The performance improvements have been really impressive.

I really satisfied with it — my only disappointment is that the next update is unavailable for it. For a Gen1 (or 0 I guess) product, it was amazing.

As you can see, you’ll get nothing but good reports here. It depends on what you need them for though. For those of us in meetings all day, it’s good to get the notifications straight to the wrist from family members. I personally mainly use mine for fitness, tracking runs and cycles and occasionally for notifications. I would wait until the Fall though, I suspect there will be a redesign this year.

Got a 3 not knowing what to expect and found it more useful (& a better experience) than I expected. Definitely like it. The 4 is coming in the fall – rumors for a slightly larger display.

If you’re on the fence, you could get a used 3 on eBay, then you could sell it for basically what you paid for it if it doesn’t work out. Best of luck dude.

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