Amazon is working on a new Prime Video interface

Amazon is planning a redesign of its mobile Prime Video interface. During the company’s presentation yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour — in which Amazon released a slew of updates regarding some of its upcoming television projects — Amazon Studio head Jen Salke was asked if the company was working on a new phone, according to The Wrap. She indicated that she’s not only seen a prototype with a new interface, but that she has one in her office.

Salke, who manages the company’s growing studio efforts, says that she hasn’t “felt an urgency to put a deadline on it,” and that the company “had a prototype phone that showed me the interface that they’re working on that’s about to be — that’s in the middle of being developed and coming soon.” Amazon later clarified to The Wrap that she was only referring to a prototype user interface for the Prime Video app, not a prototype phone.

She went on to say that she criticized some of what she saw, and says that “they actually created and sent me a prototype phone that’s in my office” and described the UI as intuitive to use.

Update, 10:45PM ET: Added clarification of Salke’s comments and removed references to new phone hardware; Salke was referring to a new Prime Video interface.


In 2014, the company made a short-lived foray into the phone business with its Fire Phone, only to get axed a year later after poor reviews.

Let’s be honest, it didn’t even last the calendar year.

having a device where a Prime member can watch its content from anywhere makes sense

It’s already there – it’s called iPhone and any Android phone. Just install the app

Who here bought a fire phone when it was dirt cheap for the free year of prime?

I just don’t think the "Fire" brand is very popular. Skinned Android tablets? Amazon now sells products that are more mainstream and more successful, I can see them trying it again if they go without the Fire branding.

Nah the Fire brand still sells very well. If the phone becomes a reality it’ll likely be called Fire or Echo.

The reason, imo, that "Fire" is a decent seller is that their devices are dirt cheap. They’re primarily for consuming Amazon’s media and some browsing, but anyone wanting to use their tablets especially will find them extremely limited for the most popular apps. (And I gave up on their Fire TV a year ago because I absolutely detested their interface.) That’s why I think their phone, if they release it, will be a cheap model versus trying to compete with flagships as they did with the Fire Phone. People don’t want gimmicks, but I can see them being interested in a decent device that they can watch Amazon Prime TV on the Subway with and manage their Alexa-enabled household stuff.

I think it’d be smart to tackle two price points. Sub $300 & $500+.

Yes, now they need a good dirt cheap phone. Use it to push more Amazon stuff on people.

The Amazon Echo Phone:

"What the hell?"
"What the hell?"
"Jesus, this stupid phone keeps repeating everything I say."
"Jesus, this stupid phone keeps repeating everything I say."
*smashes the phone into the wall."

I had the original Kindle Fire. That thing was terrible. Never again do I intend to own a fire device or any device without Google apps.

Guys, please hire an editor or proofreader.
When you misspell a simple word like "want" in what is supposed to be an article by a professional writer, it makes you look ridiculous.

"One line in the report, that the company wnats "

Errr, this ain’t Wapo or NYT…..

Yeaahhh, that’s not a very good excuse.

This isn’t some amateur in their bedroom blogging. It’s a professional site selling its audiences attention to advertisers. It’s not unreasonable to want them to be professional in their presentation.

Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a proofreader.

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Inevitably, it’ll be yet another fork of android, quite possibly similar to what they use on their tablets. And as with their tablets, they’ll have a hell of a time getting any other companies to port apps. Amazon and Bezos have a boatload of money, but apps are everything and I can’t see Alexa by itself (minus Google’s awesome suite of services, of course) attracting anyone but the most hardcore. I would expect, though, that they’d learned a lesson on pricing and that any new device would target the low- to mid-range market versus trying to go head to head with Pixel or iPhone again.

It’ll be interesting to see how they try to come into the market again. If its just a trade your Google surveillance for Amazon surveillance phone then traction is going to be hard. If they went with a Android but with Privacy – and offered services that protected users privacy but let you order anything you wanted from Amazon (at all times) they could get somewhere. JMHO…

Shame that Amazon isn’t known for privacy.

We could just install APKs

I think it would’ve been great if Amazon & Windows partnered years ago with their OEM laptops, phones, etc. Both companies would’ve faired even better in the mobile business.

Is it possible that instead of mobile phones, Amazon is entering the office/conference phone market? After all, she said she "had one in her office". Cisco has a virtual monopoly on office phones and adding a handset to something like the Echo Show would give Amazon s unique offering in a market that is stagnant.

The first effort was also hurt by carrier exclusivity and a high price out of the gate. Like others mentioned, the lure of Amazon hardware has a lot do do with the low price to get in. If they price it mid-range instead of top-end, and either sell it unlocked or partner with multiple carriers, it may work the second time around.

As long as it isn’t expensive I mean sub $300. And it has genuinely good features, I can see Amazon fanatics buying this. Especially if it integrates well with Amazon tablets and other Echo products.

This article gives Amazon an awful lot of credit and optimism given that nothing in their history of selling this sort of hardware has really earned it.

"Something an executive claimed as an aside without any actual evidence is proof they’ve learned from their mistakes."

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