Apple reportedly launching new iPhones in blue, orange, and gold colors

iPhone color concepts

Apple is expected to launch larger iPhone models later this year, and they may arrive in a variety of colors. 9to5Mac reports that reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting that Apple’s rumored 6.5-inch OLED iPhone will launch in black, white, and a new gold color. The rumored 6.1-inch LED iPhone will also reportedly debut in grey, white, blue, red, and orange variants.

If the report is accurate then Apple is introducing at least four new colors for its 2018 iPhones, an unusual step for the company. Apple typically debuts a red variant some months after a new iPhone launches to promote Product (RED), an organization that campaigns to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa. Apple has never released an orange version of the iPhone before, and the company has mostly relied on cases to add color to the iPhone’s typical grey / black and white options. The iPhone 5C debuted back in 2013 in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white variants thanks to a polycarbonate back.

Apple was clearly planning a gold variant of the iPhone X, as the FCC revealed this unreleased iPhone earlier this year. 9to5Mac has mocked up what the 2018 iPhones colors could look like (shown above). Current rumors suggest Apple will launch three new iPhones in the fall. A new “iPhone X Plus” is rumored to include a 6.5-inch OLED display and dual-SIM support, and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone (with slim bezels) will likely include Face ID. Apple is also expected to refresh its 5.8-inch iPhone X with some specification improvements.

Update, July 5th 8AM ET: Article updated to reference Apple’s previous iPhone 5C color options.


Thanks for the surprise Mr Ming-Chi Kuo.

Ooh, I could go for that blue one. One of the nicest phones I nearly bought was the blue HTC One.

Or the red one.

But you can bet they wont just be called grey, white, blue, red, and orange. They will be something like Space Grey, Polar White, Azure Blue, Diablo Red and Trump Orange…

I don’t like iPhones, and I’d probably plop down some money if the official name was Trump orange.

Trump Orange would be an exclusive colour. And only in an iPhone SE. For small hands only.

twitter pre installed, spell check disabled.

I Would Use The Stupid-ass Trump Phone Just To Get A New Fucking SE Finally™

Outside of space grey they don’t name colors. And it’s space grey because they probably didn’t want to use "gunmetal"

Why not? They use Metal as the name of their Graphics engine.

The gun part probably, remember the whole watergun emoji thing.

Rose Gold? Edit: Hmm… looks like they just use gold now.

Also rose gold is the actual name of the thing. It’s not a made up color name. It’s what the material is supposed to be called (when it’s actual gold…)

I mean, this is just not true. Bondi Blue, Cement, Rose Gold, Spicy Orange, Dark Teal, Lemonade

Lots of colors with names in Apple’s lineup, past and present.

There are thousands of colours that have names, even "Blue" is the name of a colour

Here is the colour for "Bondi Blue"
And here is the colour for "Blue"

The could’ve called it "Blue", but "Bondi Blue" is more accurate – and sounds fancier

I would like to get excited about the colors, but until it’s feasible to use the iPhone without a case, none of this matters. It really is silly/tragic that Apple puts so much time and effort into the materials, colors and design of the phone only to have 98% of users immediately cover up the body with a cheap plastic or silicone case.

98% of users immediately cover up the body with a cheap plastic or silicone case.

I don’t think that’s even remotely true.

Per this 2014 survey, 86% of those who responded use a case:

So even though I was exaggerating, the vast majority still use a case.

533 people

USA only



What percentage of iPhone users do you think use a case?

Yeah the percentage would be pretty high. And if they had ugly bodies, Id use a case too

To be honest, I’ve never used a case in 8 years of having iPhones, but I’d say 75% of them around I see are covered up!

Not only has it always been "most of them", I suspect that number has only gone up since people started to find out about how you might as well buy another one rather than look at the repair cost when you crack that glass back on the current ones.

Personally, I mainly use a clear silicone case on my SE because I find it more "grippy" than the metal and I dropped my 4S that had the same texture.

It is silly that Apple put time and effort into making beautiful hardware? Whatever one thinks of iPhones/Apple, they do make beautiful hardware. You would rather have a POS cheap plastic phone, then? lol. No, 98% don’t use "cheap plastic or silicone cases". Plenty use cases, sure, but it’s perfectly possible to use an iPhone without a case. Many (including me) have been doing it for years.

You would rather have a POS cheap plastic phone, then? lol. No, 98% don’t use "cheap plastic or silicone cases".

No, I would rather that Apple solved the engineering problem of making a beautiful phone that doesn’t break or scratch under normal use (including drops from normal heights). I’m a huge Apple fan and appreciate all the care and detail they put into their phones. That’s why I think it’s a terrible shame that almost every mainstream user has a case. I paid extra for the Jet Black finish of my iPhone 7, but I still use an Apple silicone case because I’ve learned the hard way that even a fall my from my pocket onto the concrete floors at home can crack the screen. I would rather be able to not use a case without worrying about a slight drop or "micro abrasions".

Yes, I know it’s possible to use without a case and have tried this myself (I’m pretty careful with my devices), but the fact remains that the majority of users never see or touch the back of their iPhones after day 1. That’s an opportunity for Apple to build a phone that is scratch and crack resistant enough that mainstream users don’t have to gunk it up with a case, even the nicely made ones from Apple.

I agree that they don’t put much effort into this and they should, but there’s the pretty big problem that the hardest surfaces (less scratch prone) are the ones that break more easily, ie: sapphire is crazily scratch proof (my banged up watch still has a perfect watch face even though the case looks like crap), but breaks very easily if dropped. It’s pretty much always a compromise between the two. I guess very tough plastic would have the best one, but then again, it seems people want metal / glass phones.

They don’t really want to fix this problem either, because they get so much money from repairs!

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