Microsoft’s new Xbox avatars now available for Windows 10 testers

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Microsoft first started testing its new and diverse Xbox Live avatars with Xbox owners back in June. The software maker is now making these available to Windows 10 testers today ahead of their official release in October. A new Xbox Avatar Editor is downloadable from the Microsoft Store, granting Windows 10 gamers access to the new avatars. You may need to be part of Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program to fully access the editor, though.

While the new avatars are rather basic right now, can you fully customize your online character with body type options, clothing, and props. Microsoft is planning to add accessories, props, moods, clothing, and appearance categories in the future, alongside more content after the avatars are broadly available in October. Microsoft’s Xbox Avatar Editor for Windows 10 lets you customize body, face, hair, and other options. All the customizations include color pickers to personalize things further.

Microsoft is displaying the new avatars on gamertag profiles and occasionally using them on the main Xbox One dashboard to show friend activity. It’s not clear how avatars will be displayed for Windows 10 users in the Xbox app, but PC gamers will be able to use them for their profile images.

Windows 10’s Xbox avatar editor


Eh, I doubt I’ll end up actually using one for anything, but I do love messing with new character creators, so I’ll certainly give it a go.

Wonder how close I’ll be able to get to recreating my Shadowrun character? The old avatars had elf ears, so that’s a start, assuming they’ve retained them.

I hope we get games again that use Xbox Avatars, it was great playing Doritos Crash Course with my friends and all our avatars were competing against each other.

I loved Crash Course! The wipeout animations were hilarious, especially since it was "you" wiping-out (or your friends/family).

Cool! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I don’t have an Xbox, but various games use Xbox Live services on Windows, and seeing an ancient Halo avatar pop up is a bit jarring.

I actually just get an under construction page when I fire up the app on Windows 10, hmm.

You need to be enrolled in the Xbox Insiders program to use the app for now.

Yep, I am. It still just says under construction!

Might be region-locked or require the latest testing build.

The only reason we had X-Box gold was to play 1 vs 100. Once they dropped that game we dropped X-Box gold. That was in 2008.

Cool story.

Total knock off of Apple’s avatars, they just look more aggressive and angry!

Can’t tell if you’re trolling. Xbox has had avatars since the Xbox 360, this is just a graphical update.

Also, clearly Tom went for an aggressive/angry expression when creating his avatar. Yours would not need to look like that.


I hope you broke the 4th wall as you typed that.

Like cris178 said, this is just a graphical update from the long standing avatars that have been around for a long time, and even this version has been in development and teased for well over a year.

I remember the MII mania..
that lasted a couple years..

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