Microsoft to bundle Xbox One consoles, Xbox Live, and Game Pass into a monthly subscription service

Microsoft is planning to unveil an Xbox All Access service that will bundle the company’s Xbox One consoles with Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for a monthly fee. Codenamed Project Largo, Microsoft has been working towards the subscription service in recent months. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X will be offered as a subscription, and that Microsoft is planning to offer its Xbox One X bundled with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for $34.99 per month over 24 months.

The subscription will be available from Microsoft’s retail stores, and the company is also working with PC makers to try and offer this bundle elsewhere. Windows Central reported on Xbox All Access today, after I teased details of the new service three weeks ago. Microsoft will limit its Xbox All Access service to US consumers initially, but if it’s successful then it could appear in other markets in the future. Microsoft also offered a subsidized Xbox 360 bundle with Xbox Live Gold more than six years ago.

Microsoft is also working on a new Xbox accessory codenamed Washburn. The software maker had planned to unveil the $149 accessory at Gamescom this week, and accidentally teased an “all-new Xbox hardware” announcement before the company’s plans changed. The mysterious accessory is due to launch in October, just after Microsoft’s launch of Forza Horizon 4. It’s not an Xbox Elite successor, but expect the company to detail its new hardware accessory soon.


Does this essentially amount to EIP for the console plus the cost of Xbox Live Gold?

Like the 360 plan this is essentially something very few people will actually take advantage of on this aging console. It’s not an appealing plan. $34.99 a month is not cheap to lower income households & many of them would rather pay once and be done vs being locked in a 24 month contract for a video game machine that’s going to be old news very shortly. And people who have the income for this type of plan are much better off just buying the console outright or via the many price drops and deals online vs. signing a 2 year contract.

will actually take advantage of on this aging console.

the One X just came out less than 10 months ago. It’s got another 3-4 good years of self life. And with forward and backwards (blurring the line with console generations) going forward with Xbox (at least that’s what they have been saying) a casual will find a good deal getting the One X with this plan. And if they offer an upgrade to a new console as part of this plan, an even better deal for the consumer.

Microsoft already has plans to release a new console in either 2019 or 2020. Also, I don’t think the lines will be blurred as much as you think it will. There will be a new Xbox that’s backwards compatible, that’s about as deep as it will go. Maybe a couple games here & there that work on the old and the new but that isn’t much different from a game like The Last Of Us dropping on PS3 & PS4 simultaneously, except maybe this time it’s packaged together. And a casual would likely be better off buying the console full price when the numerous sales occur throughout the year. 1 1/2 years into their contract the Xbox One & One X will likely be much cheaper than their 2 year contract plan. It’s not sensible. Seeing as not as many people are buying Xbox consoles in general I don’t see how locking people in a 2 year contract is enticing to too many people who were sitting on the fence.

They’re not releasing a new console in 2019. There have been no plans whatsoever for that.

You never know. If they truly did end console generations then the forward compatibility they’re talking about will mean that the Xbox x will be supported into the ps5 era.
You don’t know and I don’t know but it would be best if Microsoft continued to sell the Xbox x for the next 5 years or so. It’ll give the xb1 a chance to catch up and maybe even surpass the ps4 in total sales. That’s the rumor that’s going around right now.
We truly don’t know the plans but we know which ones make sense.

I very much doubt we’re looking at FULL forwards compatibility.. But.. I could see Microsoft doing the work to make porting relatively easy, so that targeting the new gen AND Xbox One X is easy for games that aren’t fully utilizing the power available. And.. I think the more feasible path to forwards compatibility is game streaming. If you have the internet, your base Xbox One will be more than competent to handle a local/cloud hybrid on most, if not all, games on the new consoles (some big ifs there, of course).

I disagree. The model that MS has suggested will be the model going forward is backwards AND forwards compatibility on consoles. Why do it with the One X just to start over from scratch a few years later?

MS has positioned themselves brilliantly for whatever the next-gen brings. If the PS5 ends up being a hard break from the PS4, it makes Xbox look way more attractive if there are no dedicated "Xbox Scarlett" games. If Sony ends up going the compatible route, MS still has the edge because the One X is a much better new baseline than the PS4 Pro, which was already underpowered when it launched.

The dual console approach they’re allegedly taking with Scarlett is smart too because they’ll have a premium, high end box, while also having 2 lower cost options: a $150-$200 streaming box and $250-$300 One X, which all play the same games.

This subscription model seems like a test to see how well such a plan would work on a new system and 2 years from now would coincidentally be exactly when the new console would launch. Oh, you’ve been paying us $35 a month for your One X? Well, would you like to trade it back in and get a Scarlett for $25 a month?

Which isn’t to say Sony might not just do the same thing and bring forward their 80M+ PS4 owners but damn me if MS isn’t fighting tooth and nail. Let’s hear it for competition!

They 360 subscription plan never gained any traction, so I’d remain skeptical of this one as well.

Exactly. This was already tried and tested. The main folk supporting this idea are people who likely already have the console or it’s competitor and likely shelled it full price or got it on sale. Do they really think a mass amount of people are going to add a $35 bill to their lives for video games? Only the most dedicated and they likely already have the console and paid full price. Low income households struggle to pay the bills they already have and would be much wiser to get the console second hand or on sale and buy games on special occasions like birthdays/holidays. Anyone else could afford to buy the console on sale or used or new and it’d be foolish to lock yourself in to a 2 year contract for a console that’s going to be obsolete in less time then that. It’s just dumb.

$35 for a new console, access to 100+ free games and XBOX Live sub is barely anything. People on a budget will be more likely to spend that instead of the one time $500+ payment just for a console.

It is not dumb at all, actually, and even if they do come out with a new console in 2020 that doesn’t mean this console suddenly stops working and becomes obsolete. You can still play a huge backlog of games from 3 different consoles, and the people who would be doing this deal don’t already have an XBOX One, or probably any console at all. Plus they’ll be creating games for both consoles for probably another year after that.

You’re thinking about this in the wrong way and couldn’t be more off with your opinion.

It’s cheaper than paying for everything separately. I know plenty of people who will pick up the deal and pay it off early if possible.

Good for Microsoft for doing things like this.

the math comes out much better with this deal. All Access subscriptions would cost about $22 a month for a plan with Xbox One S hardware or $35 a month for the more powerful Xbox One X hardware. Paying $528 over two years for the lower-tier All Access plan would actually cost less than buying a $230 Xbox One S then spending $360 on subscriptions (for a total of $590). For the higher-end plan, paying $840 over two years ends up slightly better than paying $500 for the Xbox One X hardware and another $360 for subscriptions ($860 total).

And let’s face it. In this modern age, all people care about is the monthly bill, not what is the best value. I see people twirling signs by the street working at minimum wage and rocking iPhone X.

I bought 12 month Xbox Live Gold for $33 and 6 month Game Pass for $31 last month. Projecting these to 2 years would make $66 + $124 = $190.

That means, paying upfront for a $230 Xbox One S would be $420 ($230 + $190). Similarly, paying upfront for an Xbox One X would come around to $690 ($500 + $190). So I guess it really comes down the individual and how much they’re comfortable spending for these services.

It must have been at least successful enough to do it again.

24 month contract for a video game machine that’s going to be old news very shortly

I personally think the 1x is the perfect reason to skip the next gen launch machines altogether and instead defer upgrading until either the next gen price cuts kick in or the next mid-gen refresh consoles come out.

The first years worth of next gen releases never have much of a leap anyway considering the developers are straddling two console generations and getting used to new hardware and dev tools

This is exactly why I think the One X is going to be the base model for next-gen. They pretty much did that this time around anyway with very few multiplatform titles being next-gen only until well into 2015. Almost everything was on PS3 / 360 because no one wanted to leave behind that installed base. It’d be idiotic to have another hard generation break like that again. Development times are just too long now. Pubs / Devs don’t want it and consumers don’t want it.

It never made any sense for MS to put the One X out at $500 for it to just be completely supplanted by a new system 3 years later. They were stealth launching their entry level next-gen console, 3 years in advance. Want to play Xbox Scarlett? Good news, you’ve already got one, so upgrade to the higher end experience whenever you’re comfortable.

$34.99 a month is not cheap to lower income households & many of them would rather pay once and be done

Do you live in a low income household sir? Cuz if you ever have, you’d certainly know that not a single one of them would rather pay or may not even have the ability to pay $500 + tax for the XBox One X, then pay for a year of XBox Live Gold on top of that plus buy some games on top of that. If anything $35/month is a MUCH more appealing proposition especially for low income households.

Frankly I think it’s a great deal considering that most people pay $30+/month just to get a smartphone. And that doesn’t include cell phone service and games with it.

Yes, I did grow up in a low income household. Consoles were bought and games were bought at one time around Christmas most likely and you lived with what games you had until the next holiday. This is not appealing for a game console & it will not be appealing to the mass market. All of you people defending this are likely already owners of the console or of its competitors and shelled out full price or bought it on sale. This is how people buy gaming consoles. Not on monthly plans. This will not catch on & is not smart for a low income household that may not know what that next check looks like. It’s a wholly irresponsible purchase for someone like that.

I think it’s a HUGE assumption that those who buy it out right actually have the $500 cash to pay for it. I see this as a better alternative to throwing a $500 console on the credit card and continually paying interest on "a video game machine that’s going to be old news very shortly".

No one is claiming this will be a huge success, but we are wondering why you’re vehemently against an option to finance the console at 0% interest.

thats exactly what i dont get it. this is just another option for gamers on top of 3-4 other options, using credit card, buying on ebay, resellers, wal-marts layaway, and many more. this has zero interest in the long run.

Layaway programs typically are installments of about 90 days, something like: 10-15% down (So about $50 for the Xbox One X), and then 3 payments making up the rest – so $150 per month in this case.

$35 per month for 2 years versus $200 per month for three. Hm…

Credit card, for the same thing, would come with a 10% interest fee on the low end, which is compounded daily. If you pay the minimum ($15, based on interest+1% of overall balance) and then pay $15 per month for Game Pass + Xbox Live, you’re in for $30 per month for 40 months (over three years). Credit loses again.

For the person who does the math and considers their options, this makes a ton of sense.

I don’t think it will take off. But I’d happily take advantage of it.

Who bought the consoles you or your parents? Do you know that they paid for it up front with cash or did they just throw it on a credit card and pay for it little by little every month anyway? If they did the 2nd option, then guess what? They probably would have used this option too had it been available! And even better it’s at 0% interest vs paying up to 24% interest on your credit card. Tell you what, if this were available at every retail location that sells the Xbox and consumers knew something like this were available, I think this option will be more popular than you think.

It’s about options Adam, which are nice to have. Some people are more willing to pay a monthly fee for something than all at once. For a phone I’d rather pay a monthly amount for it at zero % interest than pay for it all at once up front.

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