More people watched the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight on Twitch than on YouTube

After months of hype, YouTube superstars Logan Paul and KSI finally exchanged blows today in front of millions of people. The official way to watch this fight was supposed to be a pay-per-view stream on YouTube that costs $10, but it seems most fans found alternate ways of watching the event.

Pirated broadcasts of the boxing match seemed to be everywhere on social media: on Twitter, one top stream had 70,000 people tuning in on Periscope, and there were other ones floating around, too. Live-streaming platform Twitch seemed to be the destination of choice for most people looking for unofficial broadcasts, however, given that the top content at this very moment is the fight. At its height, over a million people were using Twitch to watch a fight on YouTube.

The largest stream on Twitch had over 400,000 people in it, but dozens of other unofficial broadcasts brought the overall tally up much higher.

By contrast, the official stream had around 773,000 viewers cumulatively — meaning that what has repeatedly been touted as the “biggest event” on YouTube didn’t end up drawing as many eyeballs as other sites did. A Twitch representative told The Verge that it is against the rules for streamers to upload content that does not belong to them, and that anyone who does so is potentially liable to DMCA takedowns. “We have been responsive to related reports,” Twitch added.

The lead-up to the fight has been a long and slightly embarrassing one, but it has nonetheless commanded the attention of YouTube at-large, thanks to the narrative surrounding the Paul brothers. Earlier this year, Logan Paul stirred widespread controversy after filming a dead body in Japan, while his brother Jake Paul, who fought in the undercard, became infamous for being obnoxious. The narrative of the fight, according to the Paul brothers at least, was that it presented an opportunity for the duo to redeem themselves in front of their fans. While that specific outcome is still up for debate, Jake Paul won the first fight against KSI’s brother, ComedyShortsGamer, and the main fight ended up in a tie. KSI and Logan Paul are in talks to do a rematch somewhere down the line, and Jake Paul celebrated his victory by challenging Chris Brown to a fight.

Update August 25th 6:20PM ET: Added comment by Twitch.


Are these guys professional boxers now? Good grief..

I wouldn’t pay to watch them fight but I would definitely pay for them to go away.

Let’s start a Kickstarter project.



Twitch doesnt have any excuse to let this happen considering twitch staff were watching it on twitch too. I hope someone gets pissed at them.

someone on reddit posted that the staff won’t take down a illegal stream until they get a complaint, guess no one complained


Are you not entertained?

I am not entertained.

how much did they rake in for this charade? I wanna get in on this.

The official replay video currently has 7 million views and the view count is quickly rising, will probably hit 10 million eventually. Each viewer payed $10 so that’s 70 million dollars just from this first of two events.

Am I right in thinking the primary audience for YouTubers such as KSI and Paul are teenagers, 14-17 year old? You’re going to struggle to sell that demographic a stream, especially of two content providers who normally don’t charge for their work. And even then, $10 for an amateur boxing match?

This isn’t the same as adults who pay to watch professional supports. They have more disposable income and pay for quality.

This can only go one way…

yeah but most of us would watch that.

Is this what society has come to?

You mean like a boxer fighting an MMA guy?

If there’s money to be made, and an audience, it’ll unfortunately happen.

Never has pirating material felt so justified. Any dollar anywhere but in these Youtubers’ pockets is a dollar well spent.

Not at all surprised by this information. I have a feeling the companies that put on this event ultimately lost money. And I’m sure Twitch was not trying as hard as possible to shut all the illegal streams down. Imagine how many pre-roll ads they where able to run during this event on those illegal streams. Twitch definitely made some serious money last night .

This event should’ve been offered on YouTube for free with various moments of commercial breaks between fights.

773,000 × 10.00= $7,730,000
/ 2 = $3,865,000 per "fighter"

Lets say promotion and other expenses ran around $2 million, Logan Paul, the adorable moptop that everyone loves to hate just made around $3 million.

Would you let your ace get kicked for $3 mil?

KSI and Logan Paul are in talks to do a rematch somewhere down the line, and Jake Paul celebrated his victory by challenging Chris Brown to a fight.

They actually had already planned a rematch before this one had even started.

I hope Twitch gets sued, this is way too brazen.

The matches were obviously fixed. No way either Paul would beat someone like KSI in an actual fight. They’d have their white asses handed to them.

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