Apple no longer ships free headphone dongles with new iPhones

Apple included a spare dongle in the boxes of the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus phones, but it isn’t so generous this year when it comes to including a 3.5mm audio dongle in the box.

The 3.5mm dongle is no longer a free accessory and the new iPhones won’t ship with Apple’s own fast Lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter. This includes the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and the iPhone 8, which used to include the free dongle.

Granted, the audio jack dongle included in prior iPhones wasn’t the longest-lasting accessory and definitely didn’t include features like a DAC or audio enhancements. It was a means of being able to fall back on your wired headphones, or use the wired function of your wireless headphones (when they’re out of charge, for example).

Instead, Apple will still sell you the dongle separately for $9. Despite it being the least expensive dongle that Apple sells, it still comes at a cost now.

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"free" dongle?

I hate when people conflate ‘free’ with ‘included’.

Basically they just hiked the price of the phone another $9. Times tens of millions of buyers = $$$profit.

People conflate everything these days. Level-headedness is dead.

Apple could have not included it and offered it on request for free (1x per device) and I would have been okay with it.

Most headphones sold today are Bluetooth, and people that don’t want to spend money on Bluetooth often use the included earbuds. The final category of audiophiles would just request the device for free.

More profit, minimal hassle, and people still could get it for free.

As it stands this feels extremely cheap to not include a 9 dollar adapter in a 1000+ dollar phone.

Not only are they removing the adapter, they still ship their $1000+ phone with a slow charger.

Day to day charging isn’t it better to charge slower? To preserve battery health?

If I need some juice quickly I use my 10w power adapter for my iPad. It’s like 80% of the speed of the fast chargers.

$9 is way too cheap. Should be $49 so they can reach $2 trillion sooner.

Don’t worry, it will be made out of such shitty materials that it will be destroyed the moment you touch it and you will have to buy another one..

What I wanna know is, how has nobody started making electrical tape that matches white Apple cables?!?!?!? It’s a brilliant idea! They would sell like hotcakes!

Lol.. my god you guys are so angry..

They’re well on their way to reach it with their new €860 "budget" iPhone.

Bow to your bluetooth overlords.

Where is the USB-C fast charger? This is disappointing omission

They’re saving that revolutionary new feature for next year’s models that will be another $100 more expensive across the board to make up for the cost of the $70 Macbook charger and the $29 USB-C to Lightning cable currently sold separately.

Send more money please.

Courage! If only they had the courage to have headphone ports…

Genuinely can’t think of any way to see this as anything but anti-consumer.

But you have the option to purchase a dongle… That’s like saying not having a physical keyboard is anti-consumer… no, just no.

It was in the box before. For two years, they’ve included this in the box. Now it’s not in the box, even for phones like the iPhone 8 that originally had it in the box. How is that not anti-consumer?

That’s like saying not having a physical keyboard is anti-consumer…

It’s nothing like that.

Anti consumer implies all or most consumers. You might complain loudly but that doesn’t equate to more complaints or many unhappy customers. You are loud but in the tiny minority of unhappy customers.

The defenses out here today are nonsensical. This affects all consumers buying a new iPhone. The dongle is consistently Best Buy’s most popular iPhone accessory. People want this thing, and now it’s a required side purchase instead of something included in the box.

At best, it’s something a consumer doesn’t notice until they go to use their wired headphones. At worse, it’s a required $9 price increase on something that was previously included in the box with the phone for two years. Either way, it’s a downgrade and actively hurts the end user experience.

That’s not anti-consumer. Anti-consumer would be forcing all iPhone users to buy AirPods or Beats headphones because the iPhone won’t work at all with any other headphones. Not supporting legacy tech is not anti-consumer, it’s an inconvenience.

wired headphones are irrelevant legacy tech now? I never got the memo.

Why did you add a word to my statement? Since when does legacy equate to irrelevant? Why can’t you just agree with a solid point instead of conflating it to fit within your narrative?

Legacy Tech – denoting or relating to software or hardware that has been superseded but is difficult to replace because of its wide use.

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