Microsoft backs off from Windows 10 ‘warning’ about Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft started testing a warning for Windows 10 users last week that displayed a prompt when Chrome or Firefox was about to be installed. The software giant is now reversing this controversial test in its latest Windows 10 preview, released last Friday. The Verge understands Microsoft no longer plans to include this warning in the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update that will ship next month, but that the company may continue to test these types of prompts in future updates.

The prompt tried to convince Windows 10 users to stick with Microsoft’s built-in Edge browser when the Chrome and Firefox installers were activated. Microsoft uses a similar prompt when you try to switch default browsers on Windows 10, and the company has also issued notifications to Chrome users in the past warning them that Google’s browser is “draining your battery fast.”

Microsoft also tried to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for all email links, ignoring any default browser set in the operating system. This change was also tested with Windows 10 users and the feedback forced the company to rethink its plans. It’s not immediately clear whether Microsoft reacted to feedback on this latest test, or whether the company inadvertently added it to the final stages of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Microsoft doesn’t typically add major changes when it’s finalizing its updates, and the company didn’t even note the addition or removal in its blog posts. Either way, Windows 10 users will be hoping this is simply the end of this particular test.


The price for having that hot garbage IE for so long.

As a front end developer since the early 2000’s (when this wasn’t even a thing yet) I say: #neverforget

I say: #neverforget

And dont forget to look for that same behavior in others and judge them accordingly.

All of this goes round in circles.The players change, the game stays the same.

Definitely. Still Chrome and Firefox ignore some standard properties and we have to add the prefix only for that one browser. But so far none is giving us so many headaches as IE did.

A moderately decent browser would probably have maintained much of its market share. So yeah, I guess they shouldn’t have rested on their laurels, lol.

Microsoft should just give up with its web browser and remove it. I use only Firefox and do as much as I can to remove edge and IE so I don’t have to see them since I cannot remove them.

Just to let you know you can completely remove them if you want.

IE is easy, go to add/remove programs then to "turn windows features on or off". Scroll down the list and uncheck IE11. Done.

Edge is a bit more tricky. You need to do it through PowerShell or run a script. Google it you will get plenty of methods. Only thing is, Microsoft might put it back during a big update.

I leave Edge installed but remove IE11 as there’s no use for it when you have all the other browsers.

And the next update will re-install them. I’ve fought this fight with Cortana.

Microsoft should just give up with its web browser and remove it.

No, defnitley not.

You cant get certain services or benefits unless you tie your browser to the OS and Microsoft backed services.

So, the benefits of Microsoft family will only work with Edge, and optimizations like scrolling and power management also are only possible because of tight integration with the OS.

Leave it to 3rd parties and you lose all of that.

If you dont like Edge, just dont use it. Easy.

Can you clarify how "scrolling" is an optimization that only an OS-integrated browser can benefit from? I’ve never noticed any issues with Chrome on Widows not scrolling smoothly, and Mac seems to have found a way to make every application scroll the same.

Can you clarify how "scrolling" is an optimization that only an OS-integrated browser can benefit from?

No I cant be bothered. Perhaps its simply my perception.

But my point stands that a windows 10 browser which is deeply embedded into to the OS and related Microsoft services in ways that 3rd parties would find difficult or impossible to do brings tangible benefits to the user.

Alot of people may not care about those benefits, but I certainly do for Microsoft family web filtering and controls, and Edge is nicer to my laptop battery than chrome ever was.

Can you clarify how "scrolling" is an optimization that only an OS-integrated browser can benefit from?

Edge uses public touch APIs to scroll which have been available to use since Windows 8.

Chrome hasn’t implemented them yet because it’s a turd and Google doesn’t care.

That’s is such BS argument from MS marketing.

By leading innovation in an open manner like Firefox and mainly Chrome have done, you can still have these benefits and optimisations on all platforms.
That’s how a tons of features were added to the web ,some of them requiring access to the OS and/or hardware like geolocation, camera, microphone, etc.

That’s how HTML5 was born despite MS trying to kill it during the IE era.

I fucking love using Chrome, but I can’t abide this take. Competition in the browser space is important, no matter the market share.

Competition in the browser market place is fine, but nagware including ominous threats regarding safety is something completely different. And notice, there are no check box for one to say Eff off Microsoft Don’t interrupt my work with your crap threat/warnings, you have to go to settings and probably dig down 5 levels to do it.

Not relevant to what the person I’m replying said, nor is it relevant to what I replied.

MS should stop making browsers.
It’s important that they don’t.
Nagware etc

I get that it’s what the post is about, but it’s not what our thread is about.

How do you download another web browser if your OS does not come with a browser?

most OS can download files from command line (curl, wget), even Windows with powershell:

$client = new-object System.Net.WebClient

Good luck trying to get a typical Windows user to do this.

They shouldn’t have to. That’s ridiculous.

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile index.html

In Powershell 3+

Its sad that certain elements inside Microsoft think its sensible to use these scare tactics which only serve to alienate users, when they should be focusing on improving the software they are trying to promote in the first place.

Microsoft gets away with anything tbh. They support the China government with Windows, Xiaoice AI, Azure and Bing, yet they never cop any flak. Whereas Google are treated like they commited treason for intent to release their service for China.

This kind of crap will be what finally tips the world over to Linux.

An OS manages memory, CPU, validates drivers, etc.

There really haven’t been a lot of new developments in operating systems over the years recently. So much to the point that Microsoft has actually stopped making their operating system "work" which it already did since XP and spent almost all of their time making your operating system invade other things and become more tablet like so they can try to sell you apps and get in on all that Apple money.

I started to use Manjaro as my daily driver, steam functionality with play on Linux is actually pretty good, and I don’t have to deal with all the nagging prompts or OS as a service BS.

I installed Windows 10 workstation for a friend the other day, it literally came with Candy Crush in the start menu along with a bunch of other crap. I think once you start to treat your operating system like a pinata and see how much feces you can cram into it, then I can safely choose to stop using it.

Windows 10 ltsb is the best now.

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