Sony is launching a PlayStation Classic console this December loaded with 20 games

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Sony is following in Nintendo’s footsteps and bringing back its original PlayStation console nearly 25 years after its initial release as a miniature gaming device called the PlayStation Classic, the company announced today. The device is now up for preorder at Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop for $99.99 (€99.99 / 9,980 yen / £89.99) and, similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles, will come pre-loaded with 20 “genre-defining” titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4. The device will launch globally on December 3rd.

In addition to a standard mini-PlayStation, buyers will also get two classic PS1 controllers for games that support local multiplayer when they purchase the bundle. We don’t yet have a full list of games, but Sony’s press release confirms two other titles: Jumping Flash and Wild Arms.

Image: Sony

Considering Sony seems to be a bit better than Nintendo when it comes to hardware supply, it doesn’t seem likely this will be quite as hard to get your hands on as the NES or SNES Classic have been. That’s good news for those longing for retro PlayStation feels and some good old fashioned Square role-playing games. (Granted, you can already play a lot of classic PlayStation games as it is on iOS, PC, and, soon, the Nintendo Switch too.)

Image: Sony


awww…sony felt left out. I’ll also point out they didnt include the analog versions of the controllers…sony, WHY?

No Ape Escape then.

um…what does 99$ have to do with not including the analog controllers? That’s a BS reason and you should be ashamed.

It must be a hard life being this angry…

no its pretty easy really..go on try it.

The original controller didn’t have analog sticks

So no Tomb Raider?

yeah i know but then this limits it to only games that dont use analog sticks so Gran turismo is out and ff7 and on wards is out and so is MGS.

ff7 is on the list, dimwit… go troll somewhere else pls

Probably has no games that need analog.

Which is surprising.

I think you should probably be ashamed about this aggressive reply.

no…why? because i want companies to not penny pinch and you do?

There are more important things happening in the world that deserve your anger.

The whole point of these classic consoles is pure nostalgia, not the games themselves. The original controllers are more representative of the "classic" playstation experience you would have had when the system first released.

The the analog controllers were released only two years into the system’s lifespan, which was before or around the time most of the best games of the system came out. By fall ’98 they had replaced the bundled controller with the Dual Shock.

at least they seem to be using actual usb ports so you should potentially be able to plug in any newer controllers if that’s their intent

Plus you probably can use these controllers elsewhere. Though once again the lack of analog sticks and force feedback is limiting.

The original did not have analog controllers. I bought one when it first came out.

And they were way more comfortable without analog sticks

Very true, though my hands were also much smaller.

No Crash Team Racing then… I won’t get it because of that.

To upsell those that want it.

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