Microsoft announces Xbox One keyboard and mouse support with Razer partnership

Microsoft is enabling keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One. Select Xbox testers will be able to trial this new support in the coming weeks, and Microsoft is teaming up with Razer so Xbox One users can purchase hardware that taps into the company’s Chroma lighting effects. Most wired and wireless USB keyboards and mice will work on the Xbox One, and it will be up to developers to support this in games.

“Mouse and keyboard input is not enabled by default for games,” explains Jason Ronald, director of program management for Xbox. Each development team knows their titles best and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit, to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience.”

This fair experience of keyboard and mouse vs. Controller will be key for developers to get right in the console world. PC users typically have a movement advantage over players with controllers in games like first-person shooters. Microsoft has been working closely with big and small studios on this new keyboard and mouse support, and it’s now looking for feedback from Xbox testers to perfect this before it’s available later this year.

Microsoft is planning to share more about its Razer partnership during the company’s Inside Xbox stream on November 10th .


hopefully this means Age of Empires 4 and, the previously announced for PC, Gears Tactics will come to XBox One for those that have the console but maybe not have a gaming PC.

Oh yeah that would be great. That and the Age of Empires classic edition – I wanted to play them but I only have a mac

Parallels for Mac would allow you to play those games now. Along with other free virtual PC software that has existed for years.

Great now I can get my ass kicked harder in Fortnite

I’m sure they’ll separate out k/m from controllers in matchmaking unless you opt for mixed.
At least that’s the way i remember it being talked about when Microsoft were first pitching support. At the end of the day it’ll be up to the developers, Microsoft will put best practice rules out there but they don’t actually make the games

it’s up to the developers. MS is not mandating KB/M support for games. If the developer feels the game is enhanced, or best experienced with KB/M then they now have the option to enable it on their games.

In the Play Anywhere titles on the One and PC, Microsoft mixes matchmaking in their own games (at least Halo Wars 2, and I believe Gears 4) without allowing you to only match up against your input type. But Fortnite and Rocket League allow you to specify platform homogeneity. So it will likely be a developer specific choice for all games.

As long as they separate keyboard/mouse users from controller users in shooters. KB/M users always win that battle.

Why do that?! PWN THE NOOBS!!! It’s their own fault for not using the superior methods. You gonna bring a knife to a gun fight? You gonna lose.

No, it’s the damn truth!

When you buy a console, you sign up for a knife-only fight. Anyone who brings a gun to that is a cheater.

You are already playing against a lot of people using adapters to connect a kbm… Legalize it!

Need some numbers to defend a lot of people. I’d venture to guess it’s 1% of console players, at most. The draw of a console is ease of use, and if you’re willing to tinker that hard for an advantage, it would have been easier to just buy a PC.

1% of 40 million console owners is still 400,000. that’s a lot of players.

Why do that?!

Because KB/M don’t come standard with the console.

Yup , it’s inevitable
ps. still if possible that would be great for noob to have fun. let noob play with noob

Do every FPS will be p2w then, you just pay razer instead of the developer.

GTA V does this on PC.

Genuinely curious, but how does GTA5 do it? I don’t play GTA Online but I do play story mode quite a bit (even now; in fact I’m playing all the way through it a second time right now). One of the great things about the game is that you can switch between controller and KB/mouse on the fly; it knows which one you’re using at any given time and even changes the on-screen prompts automatically.

Does it just force you to pick one and then lock out changing controllers when you’re online?

Phil Spencer said they will keep it fair.

I hope this support extends to the store, Edge and other apps.

good point. That would be on MS (at least for navigating the OS + Edge).
Hopefully app developers will also add support and not just game developers.

This, hopefully we can get a proper remote for kodi

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