Google’s Pixel 3 event will take place on October 9th

Image: Google

Google has sent out invites for an October 9th event that will almost certainly be the official announcement of the thoroughly leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones. There’s not much to go by from the invite in terms of clues — just a simple “I <3 NY” phrase, which subtly hints at the Pixel 3 with the numeral in the heart emojicon, but given the leaked devices already out there, Google probably doesn’t need to do much more to promote the announcement.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the third generation of the Google-branded Pixel line that was first introduced in 2016. In the past few weeks, hardware units of both devices have made their way into the world, giving us a very good idea of what to expect from the announcement. Both devices are expected to get some design tweaks, including a somewhat controversial large notch on the Pixel 3 XL and a glass back for wireless charging on both devices. Each of the Pixel devices will also have dual front-facing cameras and a single rear camera.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL may have already leaked, but last year’s event was also where Google announced an entire slate of hardware products, including the Pixelbook, Google Home Mini and Max, Pixel Buds, and Clips. So there’s plenty of room for some other surprises on October 9th.


title should say "Google’s #MadeByGoogle event will take place on October 9th"

this event is not just pixel 3. I am excited to buy my first chromebook(pixelbook 2) to replace my macbook and ipad.
will still keep macbook as a secondary pc and will sell the ipad

I’m excited about everything, really. My Pixel 2 XL is the best phone I’ve ever owned, I’m excited about the new Chromebooks. I’m really loving the direction Google is headed with their hardware.

It’s too bad about all the drama at the time of launch. Scared off a lot of potential customers. It’s still easily my favorite phone I’ve ever owned.

The drama is self inflicted as they clearly have a swiss cheese level of secrecy around the Pixel 3. And throw on top of that it’s a very safe, uninspired and boring design with arguably the worst notch on a phone yet. Outside of the vanilla android perk, there is nothing about this version of the pixel that makes it a must buy over other flagship devices.

A formality more than anything at this point.

Considering that Google has been asking for clips from YouTubers absolutely bashing the leaked 3 XL, I’m starting to wonder if the whole "leak" was one big fake marketing campaign.

We’ll see what Google launches on October 9th, but I have a feeling we might be in for a surprise.

A third phone would be a big one.

Big if true.

Do you have a source for that?

It would be amazing if the 3XL leaks were a massive troll. Though I suspect that it, and the 3 are exactly what we’re going to get for phones. Which I’m actually okay with. The 3XL design, while not ideal, has grown on me and I rather like the idea of having the bigger screen.

Edit: found this…

At this point, they should announce Pixel 4XL…

I did notch see this coming

Most underwhelming phone launch in history, old design, old hardware… So disappointing… What should I upgrade to from my Pixel XL?!

Less bezels, better CPU, better camera, two more years of Android updates…

3 more years of android update

Better cpu that everyone else has already been using for 7 months with 50% more ram. How is it a better camera? Leaks suggest its the exact same camera. Buying a new phone to get more security updates is a feature now?

with better than cpu and more ram and still it lags? what good is better when it lags.
i will take a smooth and fast better update

How is it a better camera? Leaks suggest its the exact same camera.

Do they?

Leaks seem to have confirmed it’s single sensor with a similar resolution to the existing Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. That doesn’t make it ‘the exact same camera’ though; in much the same way the Pixel 2 camera isn’t the same as the Nexus 6P camera, despite them both being 12MP single-sensor cameras.

Leaks suggest its the exact same camera.

The camera will not be the exact same. I bet it will wow us once again with software tweaks. Google is still a top dog in smartphone photography.

Oh, so what you can get on basically every other Android flagship?

Wait for the OnePlus 6T (based on the leaks), or get a Galaxy Note 9 at this point.

I’d somehow missed the leaks. The 6T is looking much better than the 6.

Waiting on the s10 to update from original Pixel…unless it ends up being boring and sucking for a 10th anniversary phone…

Does your Pixel XL still works ? Do yourself and the planet a favor and keep it for 12 more months.

My Pixel XL works just as well as the day it was new…in fact better due to Android P and other updates.

Did look at the Pixel 2 XL side by side with my Pixel XL (and compare both in VR using a Daydream View headset at a retailer) but noticed how poor the display quality was on the 2 XL in comparison.

Wonder if the 3 XL uses the same display manufacturer as the 2 XL? (the Pixel XL had a Samsung panel whilst LG made the LG panel on 2 XL)

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