The entire Moto G7 line leaked on Motorola’s website

Until now, we’ve seen our fair share of details on Motorola’s upcoming G7 line through FCC filings that revealed photos and specs of the Moto G7 Power and Play. But nearly everything about the rest of the G7 line was leaked last night by Motorola Brazil’s website, which accidentally revealed product images and specs. The pages were quickly taken down, but not before screenshots and photos were spotted by CNET.

All four variants in the G7 line will have slim bezels, notched displays, headphone jacks, and come with Android Pie installed. The G7, G7 Play, and G7 Power will come with Snapdragon 632 processors, while the G7 Plus will be equipped with a Snapdragon 636 processor. The G7 Plus also has the best camera specs among the G7 line, with a 12 MP front camera and two cameras in the back (16 MP and 5 MP). The G7 Power, true to its name, will come with a much larger 5,000 mAh battery, compared to the other devices with 3,000 mAh batteries.

The Moto G7, with its drop-style notch display.
The Moto G7 Play.
The Moto G7 Plus.
The Moto G7 Power.

The G7 line is much anticipated as the successor to one of the best budget phones currently in the market. We came away impressed with the G6 line when we reviewed them last year, with The Verge’s Jake Kastrenakes calling the $250 G6 a device that “looks and feels like a phone twice its price.”

There’s no pricing or availability information yet, but we’ll have more details when Motorola officially launches the G7 line on February 7th.


Meh. They’re nice and capable-looking phones, but I’m more than ready to bury the notch, along with just about everything else from 2018. Compared to the corner hole-punch style that Samsung and the Chinese OEMs are announcing, a center notch, not matter how teardrop, is an exercise in Stockholm Syndrome at this point. The flagship Moto X or Z might change things up this year, but it’s a pity that the G series won’t this time around.

Notches and hole-punches are all shitty transitional technologies that will obviously go away as soon as anyone can come up with a practical alternative (like an underscreen camera).

As long as the screens are OLEDs and the OS software can enforce a black band with just notifications when the phone is in portrait, and ensure that the screen doesn’t count as part of the active area when it’s in landscape, either the notch or the holepunch is acceptable.

"with a practical alternative"

It’s called a full bezel at the top for the speaker, camera, and sensors, like the Galaxy S9 and the millions of phones that came before it. A notch isn’t that bad. I barely notice the one on my OnePlus 6T since the only stuff next to it is notification content.

I’m unclear why people think a hole punch is that much superior vs a center drop notch. You get a few more display pixels but it’s not like they’re usable.

Because a hole in a notification area corner is way easier to ignore in practice than a protrusion halfway along a side.

The notch on my OnePlus is barely noticable unless I’m looking at notification content. All the other stuff is displayed below it.

Basically this. In normal use, it’s not like you notice the notch because you’re focused on the content of the screen. I’m not saying some may not find it visually better, but I just don’t place too much value on the visuals and find limited practical value to it.

I hate the notch on my 1+6 with passion, it’s probably the worst thing in the phone.

Once you see how terrible the hole punch looks when you’re actually using different apps on the phone, you’ll change your mind. It’s like one gigantic dead pixel.

Notches are in the middle of the status bar, which is dead space. Holes have been on the side, which is where information currently sits.

I prefer the center notch. Or, if someone ever bothers, a center hole punch. But seriously, stick center.

I think they may drop the X in favor for this as the X4 and G6 had similar specs with the only real difference being screen size, with the X4 being smaller(and more vibrant display based on the reviews), and cpu with the X4 having that advantage too.

I’m glad they’re finally using some better processors. The previous SD615, 617, 625, and 630 that ended up in the various mid-range Motos were all dogs, and each subsequent iteration barely made any progress compared to the previous.

The SD632 and 636 somehow seem to be dramatically better, with at least 50% better performance than the SD630, and nearly double the performance of those earlier models…

Leaked? Really?

I know, right? This was on Motorola’s own site, with official imagery.

A leak is when it is revealed intentionally to a third party, this was a lazy mistake.

Or even an intentional mistake…

Previous rumours had the G7 Power with a Snapdragon 625 so this is welcome news.

All of these phones have the ugly "motorola" wordmark on the chin, so unless you don’t give a toss about smartphone design, vote with your $$$.

I recently got a G6, and was really leary of the logo being on the front. It’s not terribly noticeable thankfully, you stop seeing it after a few minutes (I had to pull my phone out to check if was there).

Using the Moto G5S Plus right now and can’t even see the logo at the top of the screen. Certainly not worth paying extra to avoid

Thanks for your permission! I DON’T care how a phone looks. It’s in my pocket most of the time and covered up with my palm when it isn’t in my pocket!

I think people are more interested in seeing Motorola’s rumoring revival of the once infamous RAZR flip phone with a folded touch screen.

Not everyone! Certainly not at the rumored price!

G7 play might be the nearest to something this year for people who want to be able to use their phone with one hand, screen is 5.7 inches in size, slightly under the reported galaxy s10e/lite’s 5.8 inches. Shame about the meganotch.

I’m into the Plus model, just wish it still had a front fingerprint sensor, the moto sensor gestures are actually really good

The Snapdragon 636 sucks. It’s slightly slower than a Snapdragon 835.. Not bad for the price but it is a very budget phone.
636 Geekbench; single; 1260 multicore; ~4759
835 Geekbench; single; ~1900 multicore; 6000
Could buy a used Z2 much cheaper while being faster. Though not a new battery.

Don’t be ridiculous. The 636 is faster in some benchmarks than the 821 which is in flagships like the original Pixel XL from just over a couple of years ago, and unless you’re doing VR or 3D gaming, it’s got more than enough horsepower to provide a snappy experience. For that market segment it’s perfectly fine, and no doubt the $200-$00 phones that use it will get good reviews for their performance.

And, sure, you can get used phone with better specs than new phones for the same price, you can too with cars, but that doesn’t stop people from buying new cars and being happy with them.

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