Nintendo delays Mario Kart mobile game until summer

We’ve heard basically nothing about Mario Kart Tour, the upcoming smartphone entry in the banana-flinging racing game series, since Nintendo announced it exactly a year ago. The game was pegged for a release before the end of March 2019, but it turns out it’s not ready — Nintendo is delaying it til summer.

The decision has been made “in order to improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch,” according to a statement contained within Nintendo’s quarterly earnings released today. It’s the second major Nintendo title hit with a delay this month; last week the company announced that the much-anticipated Metroid Prime 4’s development is being completely rebooted.

Worried Nintendo fans might want to remind themselves of one of the more famous quotes from Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” Perhaps he wasn’t thinking of constantly updated free-to-play mobile games with in-app purchases, given that he was talking around the time of the Nintendo 64, but the point stands. Probably.


It’s not delayed if they never announced a release date. Nobody was waiting with baited breath for this to come out.

They said it was coming out this fiscal year, which means before March 31st. I was certainly wondering what had happened to it.

That and internal release dates slipping are still a delay, regardless of whether the customer is privy to it or not.

A release date is when you have committed to commercially releasing something at a set time. What you’re describing really isn’t the same thing, it’s a target, and those slip by a few months all the time.

Sure. But Nintendo saying something will be out by April and then saying it’ll actually be out in the summer is most definitely a delay.

Yes, I’m aware; I was saying an "internal release date" (stated my Smigit) isn’t an actual release date and shouldn’t be considered as such. Nintendo gave a public time frame — just stating that internal targets aren’t the same thing as what we’re discussing.

It’s not delayed if they never announced a release date

My response was in relation to this. Something CAN be delayed without a definitive release date being issued if there was either a release window (which there was) or if the delays internal (it’s still a delay).

There’s a quote below which indicates very clearly that there was a release window that won’t be hit

"We also plan to start a service for Mario Kart Tour, a Mario Kart application for smart devices, sometime during the current fiscal year in March 2019,"

The can take as long as they like. If the game is good and offline play is supported, I’m in.

I’d bet any amount of money that it’s a solely online game. If you want offline Mario Kart, you’ll have to buy a Switch. At best this’ll be a scaled down online racer with half or less of the tracks you get on the full game, at worst it’ll be a competitive endless runner type racing game where you play against ghosts.

If Nintendo required Super Mario Run to be online, you can bet that this game will have an online requirement as well.

Frankly, I hope they just cancel it. I can imagine this game being alright as a distraction but my love affair with mobile gaming is over. Mobile games just aren’t very good. They are what you do because you literally have nothing else to do and can’t stand being alone with your thoughts. Not to mention the horrendous microtransaction, dopamine abusing practices that most mobile games use to make money.

Mario Kart is great. I don’t need this watered down experience tarnishing the franchise.

Well…..release it as a legit Mario Kart game with gamepad support and I’ll happily buy it. I have zero desire to play a MK game restricted to onscreen controls or tilting my phone, but with a gamepad hooked up I’d play the hell out of it.

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