Motorola’s folding-screen RAZR revealed in 10 leaked images

If you’re filled with nostalgia for a new Motorola RAZR — one with a folding screen — you won’t need to wait any longer to see what the company’s been cooking.

Ahead of the handset’s official unveiling next month, a flurry of leaked images from the reliable Evan Blass (@evleaks on Twitter) now show the folding handset from practically every angle — and it looks a lot like the classic RAZR V3 from 2004. Motorola has already teased a new hinge for this foldable RAZR, and this leaked image shows the displays will flip into place.

Here’s a gallery of all the images Blass has uncovered today — which seem to reveal a second screen on the flip-up lid of the phone, right next to the primary camera, to help you take quality selfies. It appears to be a functional touchscreen as well, if another image is to be trusted:

There’s also what appears to be a button or perhaps even a fingerprint reader at the base of the device. It could even be a home button, or it could be used to flip the display out. (Several Verge staffers are hoping the RAZR has a spring-loaded hinge.)

Mobielkopen has also published similar images of the foldable RAZR that show the separate display on the outside:

Image: Mobielkopen

Earlier this year, an XDA-developers source suggested the RAZR would be powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 710 SoC and have a 6.2-inch OLED display, while the secondary display may come with a fairly low resolution of 600 x 800 — which suggests it might be limited to basic functionality like those aforementioned selfie previews and the ability to triage notifications.

Previous leaks and patent filings had suggested there will be a single main display that folds vertically and flips out into place, and we certainly seem to be seeing that in Blass’s leaked images, and it appears to be a notched display of some sort. A Wall Street Journal report from earlier this year suggested that the device could cost as much as $1,500. We’ll find out for sure on November 13th, which is when Motorola is set to unveil this nostalgic device.

The RAZR foldable will join similar revivals from HMD, a company that licensed the Nokia brand to rerelease the Nokia 3310, Nokia 8810, and even the iconic 2720 flip phone earlier this year. Motorola’s efforts certainly appear to have a far more modern foldable approach to bringing back a classic phone. We’ll be waiting to see if this particular folding display holds up, though.

Update, 7:05PM ET: Article updated with even more images and findings, and added citation for XDA-developers as to the phone’s rumored specs.


Something that concerns me about these models of folding phones is that I want to be able to casually flip it like I did the V3 without worrying about it breaking. If I have to be careful about how it opens in any way, this is a non-starter.

That’s a great point.

I mean, they can make doors and toilet seats that open and close softly. Surely they can do the same for a flip phone.

Yeah, but they slow down considerably towards the open and close and the mechanisms aren’t that simple from my understanding, at least when considering trying to get it down to that scale. Seems like it defeats the purpose if that’s required.

Looks pretty thick. Maybe they’re trying to beat Gillette to the 10 bladed razor.

Thickness is part and parcel of a flip phone design. You have to have somewhere for the battery to go, after all. And you have two fronts, and two backs, and the support structure involved in that. The original RAZR V3 might be remembered as slim, maybe it was vs an ancient Nokia. However is was 13.9mm thick when closed. The now ancient 2007 original iPhone slab was 11.66mm thick, despite the then advanced tech inside. 2014’s iPhone 6 was just 6.9mm thick – yes, two iPhone 6’s stacked on top of each other (with camera bumps sanded off? ) are technically thinner than one RAZR V3.

Hopefully the price is not as high as the galaxy fold, since it’s one screen instead of 2.

Still has 2 screens, there is an extra (basic) one on the front.

Regardless of the price, Motorola is going to sell tens and tens of these.

Why the heck are phones so thick these days.
The iPhone 11 is a brick. Now this.

People like you are why we can’t have nice things.

iPhone 11 is perfect weight and thickness. anyone asking for thinner is trying to ruin our lives.

The weight is a bit much. I’m not looking for a feather like the Pixel 3a. But it’s fuckin heavy for what it is.

Seriously??!! Go to the gym.

… maybe you should if your blood pressure shot up that much from my comment…

It’s very heavy compared to every phone in the category at a half a pound. A half a pound isn’t heavy in relative terms, toolbox. But it’s a very heavy phone.

I definitely agree that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and especially the 11 Pro Max are very heavy for phones. Coming from Nexus and Pixel devices I rather disliked the weight at first on my 11 Pro Max. However, now that I’ve gotten used to it the weight doesn’t bother me at all. It took me nearly two months to feel that way though.

I was onboard with your comment until you used ‘perfect’.

Everyone who asked for a thicker phone and more battery life ruined our lives.

Battery life was perfect before and the phone felt light and thin, while still solid. Now it’s chunky. And with a case? Even worse.

Battery life was perfect before

You mean when the iPhone was >7mm thick and you had to charge the phone up to 3 times a day even when it was brand new. You are out of your mind if you think battery life was ok. Now that the iPhone is over 8mm thick, it has finally caught up to Android phones with battery life after having <4 hours of SOT for years.

They can make it thinner for you. They’ll have to take away most of the battery and half the features. Mmkay?

iPhone 11 (more the 11 Pro) has outstanding battery life, despite being an iPhone. Also the Pro models like last year’s XS, XS Max and 2017’s iPhone X, have a full stainless steel structural frame, making them very strong. But yes, it’s heavy. I think if you’re going to have a brick it may as well be a nice one.

Suddenly, I think I just want Motorola to release a new version of the Razr v3 dumb phone. I miss that thing.

I absolutely adored the original Razr.

Despite the refreshing form-factor option, shouldn’t we be very cautious with Motorola Mobility now that it is owned by a Chinese company in the same way we are/should be about Huawei? I don’t want to feed a Trojan horse—being from a free world country.

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