Apple starts selling Microsoft’s Xbox controller after adding support in iOS, macOS, and tvOS

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Apple has begun selling Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller after adding support for the gamepad in the latest major software updates for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the Mac. The Xbox controller is priced at $59.95 and is available from Apple’s website.

I’m not seeing any local stores with stock just yet, but it’s not unreasonable to think that Apple might give it some shelf space to help promote Apple Arcade. Playing all of those titles using the controller you’re already familiar with can make all the difference. Apple is already offering next-day shipping for the Xbox Wireless Controller. That said, this probably isn’t the best place to pick up Microsoft’s gamepad since it’s often on sale at Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers.

There’s no sign of Sony’s DualShock 4 controller on Apple’s store, however. Apple also introduced support for the PlayStation 4’s gamepad with iOS 13, iPadOS, tvOS 13, and macOS Catalina. Both controllers can be paired to Apple’s devices over Bluetooth and then be used in any games that support them.

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It’s cool Apple now supports XBox and PlayStation Game Controllers.
But I’m hoping Apple makes its own Game Controller with the Apple Haptic Feedback
Engine built-in.

Xbox and PS already have the best controllers in the industry. Sometimes it’s easier to just allow third party support vs spending on the R&D and risks on creating your own.
Both respective vendors are going to invest and develop new (and hopefully better) controllers going forward. Why not just let them do the leg-work and just support it as Apple is.

Yeah, especially since the PS5 is rumoured to have dropped the rumble for haptic, negates the need.

Strongly disagree, mainly because they have a terrible track record with input devices, and going form over function to the extreme. See: Apple TV remote, Magic Mouse, Magic Mouse 2. This coming from a guy who owns and uses a ton of Apple tech on a daily basis. The latest (even last gen) XBox controllers are pretty fantastic, as is.

Then again, now that Ive is gone, maybe they’ll start allowing some ergonomics into some of these accessories.


While that would be nice, I think Apple did the right thing and just leave it to existing controllers. The PS5 has now confirmed to have haptic feedback controllers – obviously be different but closer than the DS4.

Have you used an Apple TV remote?

No one has. They are unusable

Bad idea. Apple own accessory always sell at high margin. Even if Apple make their own game controller. It’ll never be able to under cut mass-produce XBox controller with its massive player based. Also, new Apple controller has to feel familiar with user (to tap in market share). Even if Apple designed one it’ll only look like knock-off of other controllers.

Apple has a history of staying out of markets it has no improvements to contribute — monitors, printers, gimbal, power banks and routers come to mind. Like routers, I can see Apple thinking they have nothing to add to the market in contrast to the R&D required/return in revenue so better to embrace those embraced by the market.

Apple selling Microsoft products, Microsoft selling Samsung products, Microsoft using Google software, Sony allowing full Cross-Platform support to Microsoft’s XBOX & PC…the type of stuff you would have never imagined a decade ago.

It is baffling that Apple will make their own battery case but not their own game controller. One is an ugly admission of defeat, the other an integrated and enormous part of the user experience. There are lots more gamers that care about good controllers than, say, artists that care about styli. Not that the Apple Pencil is any kind of mistake or a bad priority, but shouldn’t the game controller also be important?

I could see Apple making a controller alongside an amped up gaming presence with Apple Arcade (if it takes off). It would be nice if they cured GameCenter of its software rot as well

It would be immensely daft of Apple to waste time making a game controller when there’s available, high quality controllers already on sale.

but shouldn’t the game controller also be important?

What exactly makes you think Apple can make a better game controllers than Sony or Microsoft? because if they can’t then what’s the point?
We already have a lot of good game controllers on the market and most games are used to them already.

It wouldn’t hurt to include a Controller with the next version of Apple TV.
Google’s Stadia Controller is a nice mix between XBox and PS4.

yes so all these tech companies will now co-compete.. but the streaming wars will divide everyone again.

This is because Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things is coming in 2020-2030 decade, its all about interconnectivity and adding IPv6 addresses to many stuff we never imagined before.
Industry 4.0 is hard, so companies will need to work together to get their customers experience the best products and services.

… I’m trying to convince myself that buying an Xbox controller for an iPad isn’t weird.

Who cares if it’s weird? If you want one, go for it!

Cool thing is that you can get one directly from Microsoft instead and have it customized to your liking, or to match your iPad.

You don’t seem to have any problem buying what widely regarded as the best tablet on the market; Why would think buying what is widely regarded as the best game controller is weird?

The DS4 isn’t worth selling when you have the option of using the Xbox controller. Heck, I have a PS4, and since iOS 13, I play the PS4 at home with an Xbox controller by using Remote Play on my iPad solely as a controller adapter. That’s how far I’ll go to avoid using the unergonomic, crappily built, battery life-lacking, inaccurate DS4 controller.

I don’t really play games anymore but if I still did and had a PS4 I would so be doing this.

I have flat out hated the dual shock design since it was still a glimmer in the eye of the original PSX controller.

I had an adapter to use a 360 controller on my PS3 and it was the only way I managed.

That’s genius! I’ve been dragging my feet getting through some PS4 games because it’s really hard to use a DS4 when I really prefer an Xbox controller (because…it’s better of course). I’m legit excited now. The DS4 is the worst thing about PS.

Sounds like this trick is perfect for you. Saves you the $70 cost of a cronusmax adapter, which I think is wired anyways. You have to use the touchscreen for the track pad, but other than that it works perfectly. Input latency is not noticeable for me with a PS4 Pro on Ethernet to a decent router, iPad connected to router over Wifi. Passed 30 hours in Borderlands 3 using this setup now (have about the same using the DS4 before that) and it’s night and day. I can hit stuff now.

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