The world is still looking for the last of HBO’s hidden Iron Thrones

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In the weeks ramping up to Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season premiere, HBO has secretly hidden six replicas of the Iron Throne around the world for fans to find. It’s another spin on “a game of thrones” — a scavenger hunt and worldwide race to find hidden objects based on only the vaguest hints.

So far, fans have located five of the six replicas. The only clues HBO gave were one-hour live streams of each of the thrones at different times in the day, and sometimes a tongue-in-cheek tweet like quoting the Canadian national anthem as a caption for one throne. HBO’s tweet, “We stand on guard for thee,” soon had people responding with an emoji of the Canadian flag.

You can toggle the live streams on YouTube to get a 360-degree look at the surroundings of the thrones that have been highlighted so far. But given the remote locations HBO chose, there haven’t been any landmarks or direct giveaways displayed in the streams. One of the thrones was located in a desert (Brazil), another in a forest (the UK), one appeared to be by a coast (Spain), and two were in freezing landscapes (Canada and Sweden). There are also audio clues — one Twitter user remarked that the throne in the desert sounded like it was near a beach in the live stream, hinting it could be in Brazil.

The five locations of the discovered thrones are: Beberibe, Ceará in Brazil; Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada; Björkliden, Sweden; Castillo De Atienza, Spain; and Gloucestershire in the UK. The winners who discovered the thrones have been given a replica of King Robert Baratheon’s crown, although it isn’t clear from the photos if it’s the same $350 one listed on HBO’s website.

The sixth throne is still shrouded in mystery, and HBO has yet to release the live stream clue, but we can expect mega-fans of the show to somehow work their magic and quickly locate the throne once the clue is posted. They still have six and a half days left to do it before HBO’s timer runs out — and weeks to go before season 8 hits.


This is an outrage


I didn’t realize you could use their stylesheet in the comments.
I’m expecting to be disciplined now.

What can we say? Our commenting product is very flexible!

And I must say that it’s also one of the best I’ve used. I much prefer it to the commenting system used on the Gawker sites even if you couldn’t use HTML.

I wish I have to find the last one.

hmm… u would reckon that the last one would be in a walled city or castle of some sort since the other 5 seems to represent an area of the GoT world?

Does HBO keep eyes on the Thrones 24/7?

If not I’d be surprised if the thrones didn’t "grow legs"

Yes…they Watch the Throne

With the size of the US audience I’d think it would be there somewhere (which has every climate). However, I can easily see some port or river canal city.

Probably some fisherman’s wharf that has fisherman not giving a shit.

The last livestream is up – it looks a LOT LIKE Fort Totten in NYC. Go get it!

It sure looks like it

Tried to start watching this series but the HBOGO app wants me to activate every time I open it.

All you get for finding them is a replica crown. I think I would rather keep the throne

The sixth throne is in the walled city of Valletta, in Malta

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