Smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch coming this fall before more powerful version: Nikkei

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Nintendo’s rumored cheaper version of the Switch is set to be released this fall, according to a report in Japan’s Nikkei newspaper. As previously reported, the device is said to be smaller and geared around portable play, but Nikkei says it will retain the ability to be hooked up to a TV.

A more powerful “next-generation” version with a major redesign is further off, according to today’s report, although it’s not clear from the language whether Nikkei is referring to the enhanced Switch model that The Wall Street Journal has reported is likely to be coming this year.

Nikkei’s report largely focuses on the internal culture and future challenges faced by Nintendo. Among other anecdotes, it cites that a major parts supplier for the company only heard last December that development on the mysterious “Quality of Life” business had been halted — five years after it was first announced.

“Quality of Life” involved a sleep-tracking project spearheaded by former president Satoru Iwata, who died in 2015, and Nintendo expressed doubt over its viability soon after. A source speaking to Nikkei now says that the project was canceled because the company wasn’t able to make a “Nintendo-like product.”


Leaked image of the new, more portable Switch:

(I’d honestly be 100% okay with this)

If the controllers aren’t detachable, if it can’t dock and be played as a gaming console, it isn’t a Nintendo Switch.

It’ll be the 2ds of the 3ds. An all in one smaller unit is a great way to make it more "kid proof" and cheaper right before you launch a new pokemon.

My assumption is that while it won’t have detachable joycons you’ll still be able to use them with it if you choose to buy them separately. Likewise with the pro controller. I think video out via USB-C is a given, though it may not have a "traditional" dock.

I’m with you on all counts. Non-removable controllers, but still able to connect to regular controllers. Capable of going in the regular dock, but dock sold separately. If the screen is a little smaller, they might be able to hit the $149.99 price point.

I’m willing to bet most people who own switches use them exclusively as handhelds.

I wish they made a folding one that was smaller than a DS. I doubt it but I would buy that in a heartbeat despite already owning a Switch.

Why do people keep saying this?

There are quite a few people, like me, who have zero interest in portable gaming, and who’s Switch lives in the dock next to the TV.

Handhelds are great for people who like them – many people don’t. I have a big TV with a nice sound system, and I’m not going to play on a tiny screen with no seasons l separate controller unless someone forces me to. When I’m not at home, there’s a reason for that, and I’m doing other, non-gaming things, like working.

Thus the beauty of options. I want a better screen because I rarely play it docked.

I’m one of them who only plays in handheld mode. I lay in bed and play Dead Cells constantly. I have ~ 12 games on my Switch and I have played all in handheld mode, especially Zelda:BOTW, Bayonetta 2, Dead Cells & Mario. I take my Switch with me while out and about as well.

I’d say it’s 50/50 for me. When my dumb TV was in the repair shop for two weeks, I could still play my Switch.

We play ours docked about 90% of the time. We use ours for party games primarily.

It says right in the article that it’s rumored this smaller version will still be able to connect to a TV (dock).

who knows, but I bet the controllers don’t detach on the smaller Switch, but you’ll still be able to sync existing Joycons to it so it would essentially have the same functionality as the normal Switch.

It says in the article that you can still connect it to your TV.

Sounds like my WiiU (except I can play it on the TV).

Oh man, the PSVita was the best portable console ever made. Too bad Sony screwed up.

P.S., My son still use my Vita all the time. It bring me always a smile.

Cheaper memory plus better game catalogue would have saved it. The switch benefits from both and could make that form factor work.

Cheaper memory plus better game catalogue would have saved it.

While the expensive memory was a huge factor, the game catalog was fantastic, lots of exclusive games that weren’t available anywhere else (P4G and Freedom Wars off the top of my head).

But worse was the total lack of HDMI-out from the Vita itself (When its predecessor offered component output), followed up by the boneheaded workaround for that limitation with the PSTV that refused to work with a huge number of Vita games.

It bring me always a smile.

I love this

Imo, I think the DS and 3DS are the best.

Maybe I can use my AirPods with the new version

holy crap I would nearly buy one for this feature alone

Just to use Bluetooth headphones?

If they already have and use AirPods all the time, why would they want to use a second pair of bluetooth headphones or earbuds just for the Switch?

Exactly. This reminds me of the "everything has Netflix, the switch doesn’t need it" argument. Shouldn’t have to carry extra devices to deal with shortcomings of the Nintendo Switch.

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