Professor faces 219-year prison sentence for sending missile chip tech to China

A University of California, Los Angeles professor faces a maximum sentence of 219 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of smuggling chips with military applications to China.

Yi-Chi Shih, an electrical engineer and adjunct professor at UCLA, was found guilty last month by a Los Angeles jury, officials said in a statement this week. He was convicted on 18 counts, including making an illegal export and multiple fraud charges.

Shih and another defendant, Kiet Ahn Mai, were found to have worked together to defraud an American semiconductor chip manufacturer. According to prosecutors, Mai posed as a potential customer to obtain chip designs from the unnamed company, then illegally sent the products to China.

In a statement, prosecutors said the chips were sent to a Chinese company where Shih was president. He paid for the scheme through a bank account based in the United States, which was funded through another company based in China.

The chips stolen in the scheme “are used in missiles, missile guidance systems, fighter jets, electronic warfare, electronic warfare countermeasures and radar applications,” according to the statement.

Industrial espionage is a key point of dispute between the US and China, an issue that has recently intensified as trade negotiations heat up between the two countries. In the past, the US has accused prominent Chinese companies, including Huawei, of stealing technology from American businesses.

Shih’s sentence will be determined at a later date.


Huawei/CCP defense league is going to post on this thread in 3…2…1…!

Well, this is awkward for you =/

Oh I’m waiting for that Chinese to come in here to say something like the US can’t compete bs.

Oh, just saw you are waiting for a Chinese. I m a native one, also a great admirer of USA, whom I believe is the role model of all nations, moral high standard and beacon of the free world. So I always tell my fellower Chinese to learn from USA.

As the funding father
Hamilton advocated rewarding those bringing "improvements and secrets of extraordinary value".

We Chinese people are too slow to learn, until 100 years ago we didn’t even know anything about getting "inspiration" from others. But I believe eventually Chinese will learn to behave like the great teacher USA. Hope you keep providing great guidence.
Thank you friends!

Lmao that was fantastic. I give credit when credit is due. Except in some cases there are some shady stuff goes on, so Huawei defense league don’t make sense to me.

I’m mostly surprised that a single person can just go to that unnamed company and say Hey yo! I’d like to buy one of your chips that "are used in missiles, missile guidance systems, fighter jets, electronic warfare, electronic warfare countermeasures and radar applications,". ’k thx bye.

Right. What’s going to happen to that unnamed company? Especially since Shih previously served as president of a company that was marked as a national security threat by the Commerce Department.

Surprisingly, yes. You are allowed to buy various products in the US, which you are not allowed to export.

I don’t know if you’re trolling or…
The problem is not him buying something you can’t export. It’s buying something that’s obviously military grade.
We’re not talking about a piece of cheese here…

What if it’s military-grade cheese?

I’m armed with Roquefort and I’m not afraid to use it.

I got my spray can loaded with Easy Cheese. You sure you wanna do this?

Like bear spray, but for the Zagat crowd.

You can’t actually buy military-grade cheese. It’s Grade F, "Suitable only for prisoners and the military."

(It’s not any more, but that’s what military-grade cheese means. Now the military gets grade B cheese.)

Actually, a surprising number of electronic components with high specifications are subject to export controls by the USA, because of their potential to be used in military applications (i.e. "military-grade").

The components in question in this case were microwave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs), which are amplifiers, filters or mixers for microwave frequencies. Since almost all modern wireless protocols operate in the microwave frequencies, these MMICs can be used in a variety of applications in the civilian fields as part of telecommunications systems or for testing and deploying telecommunications devices. At the same time, MMICs are also very useful for military applications such as radars, which also operate in the microwave frequency bands.

It is important to note that export controls are not synonymous with export ban; these components can be exported, but only with a paper trail that states what it is going to be used for, or as part of a fully-assembled system for a specified purpose.

What the defendant is alleged to have done is to smuggle them out of the country, thus leaving no paper trail, and he is further accused of trying to get them to a Chinese manufacturer of MMICs, presumably for reverse-engineering.

Throw away the key.

This is gravely concerning – at this point it’s fair to assume that the chinese have pretty much all the knowhow they need to replicate major US tactical/strategic assets – particularly the F35 etc.
And this is only the things that are in public knowledge.

Since the F35 is a disaster and useless, let them copy it.
Maybe they will make a functional craft we can copy.

lol do you remember what happened when the Chinese tried to clone a new Russian MiG and Su planes. With Russians providing them with some technology. Didn’t go very well.

Not those old canards.

Lol. Why would they want the F35. The money spent on that jet can end world hunger for decades.

So they don’t have to spend said money

*waste said money

Why are chip DESIGN that’s used for military application even for sale? The seller should be sharing a cell with the buyer.

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