VAIO announces tiny laptop with tons of ports

VAIO has announced the SX12, a laptop with a 12.5-inch screen and more I/O options than many far heftier machines. It’s the follow-up to the S11, and features much more efficient use of space with a larger screen and keycaps in about the same size body.

Just look at everything you can plug in! That’s three USB-A ports, one USB-C for charging, HDMI, a full-size SD card slot, a headphone/mic port, an Ethernet port, and even VGA. The keys now stretch to the edge of the laptop, and the bezels have been slimmed down. The SX12 uses Intel 8th Gen quad-core Core i5 or i7 processors and have an optional LTE module. It weighs 888 grams, or a little under two pounds.

The Verge recently reviewed VAIO’s SX14, which this is basically a smaller variant of. We found that it was a practical, lightweight machine with a comfortable keyboard and strong performance. The cramped trackpad and underwhelming battery life were downsides, and you might not expect those to improve in a smaller machine, but the trackpad doesn’t appear to have been shrunken any further at least.

The VAIO SX12 will go on sale in Japan this week, priced anywhere between 119,800 yen (~$1,100) to 216,800 yen (~$2,000) based on storage, color options, and processor. No word on a US release yet, but the S11 and SX14 made it over, so there’s a good chance that this one will follow.

In any case, it’s proof that you can make a thin and light laptop without sacrificing connectivity. Now how about a VAIO P resurrection?


Now you have your wishes come true, buy it to support your cause now!

Still doesn’t cure cancer.. Why won’t Tim just listen..!

Yeah they need to add a juicer to that stat!!

Looks like Sony read this article: A small notebook for a system administrator. Worth a read.

KVM inputs, this is the stuff of dreams for Admins.

One day, kvm input will just be a built in USB-C capture card

Interesting. I think that is a bit overkill, but the point is valid about where small laptop design has gone. I would be fine with just having a laptop with an integrated serial port and the ability to be used as a console for headless servers.

It’s so…. beautiful…..

Shit, you’re right and I did know that but completely forgot.

I’d think people would prefer a very intelligently-led Republic.

So it’s a 2012 laptop with a modern CPU? Great achievement.

Would it be modern if it was identical but with only one port?

No, that would only be halfway modern. It would also need a non-functioning keyboard switch mechanism to be fully modern.

I have never seen someone just squeeze a comment down to it’s flawed core so effortlessly.

one port is all an Apple fanboy needs right

Apple move away from analog-only video outputs like 20 years ago, while remaining natively compatible for users that needed to use legacy equipment. I’d rather have a company make bold, while mildly inconvenient, decisions and move all the market forward, that stagnate and keep using obsolete technology. Too bad they don’t have much of a presence in corporate.

I think there’s a happy medium. Some things move to adapters, but some like standard USB-A and Ethernet still remain relevant for a lot of people.

Content creators are also pretty jazzed about an SD card reader too. Can confirm. Am a content creator with a Dell precision that has a good SD card reader in it.

Yeah and now everyone with a Mac is living that dongle life. How is that an upgrade?

I have one Mac and zero dongles

Good for you. I can’t say the same for most in classroom and enterprise environments. I guess they should just get a second laptop?

Or a first dongle?

What’s your data sample for those two populations?

They can make the "bold, mildly inconvenient" expensive computers for the faithful only because others make these things for people who need to do actual work without pulling their hair trying to accomplish a simple task.

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