New ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models spotted in watchOS 6 beta

Apple’s latest watchOS beta appears to have revealed the company’s plans for new Apple Watch models. Just days after spotting a potential iPhone 11 announcement date, iHelp BR has discovered references to new ceramic and titanium watch models in the latest watchOS 6 beta. Both new watch models will reportedly come in both the 40mm and 44mm versions, and iHelp BR has found animations for the initial Apple Watch setup process.

Apple has never released an Apple Watch in a titanium finish, but 9to5Mac notes that this is the same finish used on the company’s new Apple Card. A ceramic Apple Watch was first introduced with the Series 2 and 3, but Apple didn’t produce a ceramic version of the Series 4 Apple Watch.

It’s not clear if these new Apple Watch models will be part of a bigger Series 5 launch, or simply added to the existing Series 4 lineup. Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 11 lineup on September 10th, and these Apple Watch models will likely be part of that announcement.


If this is a Series 5 launch then I hope the stainless steel sport versions are kept for the lower price points.

How has pricing typically worked for the Apple Watch? Have they always come in higher?

It’s messy due to sizes and cellular connection but it has trended up, but not always. Series 0 → 1 was a price drop. 1 → 2 was a rise. 2 → 3 was a small drop. 3 → 4 was the largest rise.

I thought 3 to 4 the prices stayed the same, but they introduced LTE models that did cost more?

S3 42mm GPS was $359. S4 44mm GPS is $429.

I was getting confused with the generations. The LTE models started w/ Series 3. In any event, you were correct.

I hope so and I wish they would do a S/S with just WiFi. No carriers support cellular her and I can’t see a need/use for it anyway

Anyone here think titanium is going to be the new stainless steel?

That’s what it sounds like. Makes me wonder if titanium will find its way to the new iPhone "Pro"…

It might have to or else it will be fairly boring with nothing pro about it. I’m an Apple user and a big fan but Apple is literally years behind the competition. Mid ranger Android phones have more compelling feature and camera on iOS devices flat out sucks. I went from iPhone 7 Plus to X and I cannot tell any difference. My family members got a S10 and picture quality makes my iPhone look stupid….

And photos from the S10 look like bad etch-a-sketch drawings compared to the 150MP scans from my Mamiya 7, but who cares? I’m pleased with pictures from my XS as it is exactly what I need on the go. Are they the highest quality photos anyone can take? No, but neither is the S10s… or any smartphone for that matter.

Ceramic is a great material to use for watches.

I love my series 2 edition. I would rock the hell out of a new white one.

Titanium sounds very expensive. The gold and ceramic watches did not sell well so why keep going with the premium finishes?

It’s Apple, so it probably will be expensive.

That said, there’s no reason it needs to be; You can find new quartz watches with a titanium case for around $100. The material itself is pretty cheap.

Anyway, while the absurdly-priced gold Editions probably didn’t sell well at $16,000, the ceramic models have always been a relatively-affordable $1,300. Still expensive compared to the aluminum ones, but has Apple stated that they didn’t sell well?

$1300 is not affordable for something that gets replaced every year. Add another grand and your in Omega territory that will last your lifetime and go to your grandkids

who is replacing their apple watche every year?

$2300 seems quite low for an Omega, especially one of heirloom quality.

Consider the Apple Watch like an iPhone. Plenty of people buy the $1k+ model every year or two.

They need to offer a steel, non cellular, band less option. I already have a really nice band and don’t want to pay for a crappy one.

I remember back in the day when Apple made Titanium Macbook Pros.. those were sweet!
so making a Titanium watch should be straight forward..

I just hope they make it in a "raw titanium" or a stone wash finish and not anodize or PVD coat in anyway… and add to that a matching titanium bracelet drool

I would like cast iron so I could also cook my breakfast on it.

Don’t forget that 10% tax on Apple watch coming September.

Only in America

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