Android 10 officially released for Google Pixel phones

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After several months in betas, each of which brought its own fresh teapot tempest about how gestures would work, Google is officially releasing the final version of Android 10 to Pixel users beginning today. In what may be a hopeful sign that this version of Android will come to other phones faster than before, Google is promising that it is “working with a number of partners to launch or upgrade devices to Android 10 this year.”

There are a few headline features in Android 10 beyond the new gesture system, including stricter permissions and privacy controls, a new “Focus Mode” for disabling distracting apps, simpler notification controls, better integrated family controls, and a new Dark Theme.

One of the most important updates will be invisible to most users: “Project Mainline” will allow Google to issue some critical security patches directly through the Play Store instead of waiting for manufacturers and carriers to distribute them. In fact, phones that are upgraded from Android 9 Pie to Android 10 won’t support it.

Not all of Android 10’s features are fully available, however. Focus Mode is launching only in beta today. Another headline feature called “Live Caption” will allow users to get real-time captioning for any audio or video on their phone. But unfortunately, it won’t launch until later this year, and it will be Pixel-only for a time.

Google says that all of its first-party apps are committed to supporting the new Dark Theme, but not all of them have made the deadline for Android’s release. Gmail, for example, is still working on compatibility with the Dark Theme and won’t have support for it until later this month.

More than anything, though, the feature on Android 10 that has garnered the most attention is the new gesture navigation system. It works much like the iPhone’s does, and in the beta phase of Android 10, it seemed to get tweaked every few weeks. It’s now stable and won’t change, which means the entire left and right sides of the screen are dedicated to going back. The traditional three-button system will still be an option, however, which is probably good since many people prefer it.

The 10th version of Android is also the first since nearly the beginning that doesn’t have a public dessert codename. Google made the switch in the name of being more globally inclusive and not, it says, because picking a Q-named dessert was too difficult.

There are a few other features in Android 10 that didn’t get much attention back when it was originally announced at Google I/O in May. Google is highlighting more gender-inclusive emoji, app timers for specific websites, and support for streaming audio to hearing aids.

Google typically rolls out major operating system updates over the course of a few days, so your Pixel phone might not get an update alert right away. You can check for it by going to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Update. As usual, other Android device manufacturers will announce their rollout plans for Android 10 upgrades separately, and it will likely take weeks or months for the upgrade to arrive on many non-Pixel devices.


Come on oneplus. My 7 pro body needs it!!

I am more happy about the fact I have an actual music scrubber in my lockscreen and notification panel!!

The little things!!

So I guess that means I’ll have a 6-month wait with my Note 10+.

Look on the bright side. Some of us LG owners will probably never get it. I have the V35 and I just received PIE 3 weeks ago.

Now look on the darker side, all those iPhone user will never get this update.

Can always be worse. Just think of the countless phones that have been bricked by day 1 updates. No need to rush that crap.

So far none are bricked!

My Pixel 2 is bricked due to the Android 10 update.

No it isn’t. It’s bricked because you did something dumb to it.

It would be nice if it was ~1 month wait… on the other hand, I can’t remember last time Samsung had an update break things in a way that Pixel users experience all the time.

Yeah nah, never had anything broken on my Pixel 2 and I install every update on the day one. Don’t believe me? Check out the reddit.
I know you have to feel better somehow but don’t make things up

Which Reddit? The Reddit? There’s a single Reddit with everything everywhere? Not some subreddit? "Check out the reddit." Yeah, I don’t think they’re the one making things up. If you actually browsed the Android and Pixel subreddits, you would see that people have in fact had their phones bricked due to some day one update issue. The Verge has even reported on it. Nobody is making things up but someone is definitely jumping on the defense to make themselves feel better.

My info literally comes from the Pixel subreddit..

Why the rush anyway?

Essential sending out Android 10 update like…

hello i am replying to this because this gif is beautiful and god bless zack snyder. the flash we deserve…

also pixel 3 xl optimizing apps atm always buy right from googs friends

oh come on…Justice League was garbage. The only thing it did as a movie was make me wish there were Flash and (to a lesser extent) Cyborg movies.

Flash is done very well by CW and the Snyderverse version was surprisingly intriguing…but there is honestly no reason another person couldn’t make a great Flash movie that isn’t weighed down by the trash that has been DC since Nolan’s run.

Essentail always make it a point to send the updates ahead of even the pixels. I love it!

No update for me & my Pixel 2. Even cleared the Google Services cache/data. Weird.

Not weird, OTAs haven’t started rolling out yet.

Then how do we get it?

Nevermind. Just got it.

You can check for it by going to Settings → System → Advanced → System Update.

Is that not what this is?

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