YouTube TV released for Amazon Fire TV devices and televisions

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YouTube TV, Google’s paid TV streaming service, is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV platform. In a blog post, Amazon announced that the service is available now on a wide range of its streaming sticks and streaming boxes, and it can also be found on “Fire TV Edition” smart TVs, which have the Fire TV operating system built in. After a price hike that Google announced back in April, YouTube TV now costs $50 a month.

The reason it’s taken so long for YouTube TV to arrive on Amazon’s streaming platform is that, up until April of this year, Amazon and Google were locked in a feud. Google refused to allow its streaming apps on Amazon hardware, and Amazon withheld Chromecast support from its Amazon Prime Video streaming app. YouTube arrived on Fire TV back in July, and now it’s the turn of its live TV-focused sibling.

YouTube TV includes over 70 channels.
Image: Amazon

As of April this year, YouTube TV includes over 70 live channels around the US, which cover sports, news, entertainment, and films. The latest channels to be added to YouTube TV were Discovery’s lineup, including the Discovery Channel as well as HGTV, Food Network, and TLC. Other networks available on YouTube TV include CNN, ESPN, and FX.

Amazon says the following devices should support YouTube TV:

However, Amazon advises that Google’s service is not compatible with the first-generation Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.



Finally! This is awesome!

Does this mean I can use my Fire TV Cube and Alexa to choose what I want to watch? Alexa, turn to NBC. That’s what I’ve wanted but my wife prefers Alexa so we have those over the Google Assistant.

The Fire TV OS supports tuning via voice commands on Hulu, Playstation Vue, Pluto TV, and OTC channels, so I would assume this functionality will work with YouTube TV.

Source: Have tested this functionality on both the Fire TV Cube and on a Fire TV Edition Toshiba TV with the above services. I’ll be testing it on YouTube TV tonight, so we’ll see.

Side Note: I’m hoping YouTube TV is supported by the Fire TV channel guide, which will allow me to go to one channel guide for OTA, Pluto, and hopefully now YTT. For some reason, Hulu TV does not support the default Fire OS channel guide, instead opting for their disjointed, half-baked in-app guide….

It made sense to do it at some point. I’ve been on YoutubeTV since it was available here, but I have to admit, Google not putting native YouTube or YoutubeTV on amazon’s stuff made the decision to go with Google’s smart platform over Amazon a lot easier.

To be fair, Prime Video and Amazon Music didn’t support Casting either. It was an agreement that Google and Amazon entered into earlier this year. Hopefully Google adds YouTube Music to the Fire TV platform as well.

Amazon Prime Video wasn’t a selling point for me as I hardly watch it. But I can see where it would be to some.

Now they just need to announce that they’ll be supporting Disney+.

that’s upto Disney

I’ve just been using an APK this entire time, so it’s nice to finally have some official support!
Hope they implement Alexa correctly.

I tried YouTube Tv for a week, wasn’t bad but I hated the UI so much I rather pay $10 more for Fubo Tv. Fubo also lets you record live tv. Biggest complaint is ESPN isn’t in 1080p on the Apple TV, note sure who fault that is though

You can record live TV with YouTube TV. After it airs though, it becomes an instant "on demand" video with commercials that can’t be skipped. I’d still rather deal with that and get a basic grid UI, unlimited recording, 1080p/60 video everywhere, and compatibility with all of my devices in return (Apple TV, Xbox One S, Fire Cube, Note 10+, iPad).

You can record live TV with YouTube TV. After it airs though, it becomes an instant "on demand" video with commercials that can’t be skipped.

That’s not true. It used to be that way, but they’ve let you select the actual recording where you can skip the commercials for quite a while now…I’d say it’s probably been a year, but I can’t remember exactly.

Also, I believe ESPN broadcasts in 720p…so…

I can confirm you can skip commercials on recorded shows or movies. You cannot for shows you watch from on demand.

Love YouTube TV.

It’s not letting me skip. I can add a show to my library, go back and watch it after airing, and get unskippable commercials (they’re YouTube-style commercials). The only time I can skip commercials is while its recording. If I pause a show or tune in after some time has aired, it will let me skip the regular broadcast commercials. It’s been like that for me since subscribing last year (been a member for about a year).

Most broadcast stations in the US are 720p/1080i, it still helps to have a source that will show content better than what’s going in. I would hate to subscribe to a streaming service and only ever get 720p/30 out of it when things will start changing here.

All ESPN networks broadcast natively in 720p because the lower resolution provides smoother motion for a wider range of TVs, which is vital for sports.

lol I just downloaded a users apk that he made to get yttv to work on firesticks

It’s a shame yttv is so expensive tho

You get what you pay for.

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