August’s latest smart lock is smaller, sleeker, and doesn’t need a hub

Image: August

August has announced the latest addition to its line of retrofit smart door locks: the Wi-Fi Smart Lock. The new lock is similar in appearance to the Smart Lock Pro, but it has a 45 percent smaller volume and is 20 percent slimmer than before. In addition, the new model doesn’t need a separate hub to connect to a Wi-Fi network, as it has the necessary hardware built right into it. It will be available this summer for a similar price as the Smart Lock Pro.

August partnered with famed industrial designer Yves Béhar for this latest lock, though it has a very similar appearance to the company’s prior models. Unlike other smart door locks, which require you to replace the entire deadbolt, the August lock bolts onto the back half of the lock, which allows you to keep the same design and keys on the front of the door as you already have. The new model is roughly the size of a standard doorknob, according to the company.

The Wi-Fi Smart Lock (right) has 45 percent less volume than the Smart Lock Pro (left).
Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

Though it has a similar appearance as before, August says the new lock has been softened and rounded, with other small details refined. A new illuminated badge indicator makes it easy to see if the lock is closed or open from a glance.

Controlling the lock is done through August’s smartphone app, and it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. The Wi-Fi Smart Lock is powered by two CR123 batteries, and the company says it will last about the same time as the Smart Lock Pro does with its four AA batteries. A new option in the August app lets you configure Amazon Dash to automatically reorder a set of batteries when it comes time to replace them.

August refined the edges and made everything softer and smoother compared to older models.
Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge
Like prior August locks, the Wi-Fi Smart Lock bolts on to the back of your existing deadbolt so you can use the same keys as you already have.
Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

Functionally, the Wi-Fi Smart Lock has many of the same features as the Smart Lock Pro, including August’s Door Sense that alerts you when the door has been open for a certain amount of time. (It still requires installing a magnet on the door frame for this to work.) You can also program the Wi-Fi Smart Lock to automatically lock and unlock based on when you leave and arrive. The one thing that’s missing from the new model is Z-Wave, so it can’t be added to Z-Wave hubs in the same way as the old model.

August says the Wi-Fi Smart Lock will be available in either matte black or silver finishes when it hits retail later this year.


But can it be picked by LockPickingLawyer?

It doesn’t have a mechanical fallback, so probably no.

Well on the outside its the same as your original lock. it only replaces the inside part of your deadbolt.

Is this one also compatible with HomeKit. August seems to be pulling away from HomeKit lately, removing it from its doorbell and not including it in its new base model locks.

The smart lock pro does, but it does require that additional Wifi hub. If all that was moved into the base unit I assume it would work.

Actually, HomeKit is the only solution that DOESN’T require the hub. You use an AppleTV or iPad as your HomeKit hub… you don’t need to use the August hub to connect to WiFi. The only reason to use the August hub is if your WiFI coverage to the front door is not good. I actually have the August Smart Loc Pro (2nd Gen) at home and use it without an August hub.

Yes, but the point is that with other solutions you need to purchase the August Hub to connect the lock to your smart home hub… it’s mandatory… so two hubs.

[Lock] ~ [August Hub ] ~ [SmartHome Hub]

For HomeKit your lock connects directly to your iPad/AppleTV/Hub
[Lock]~~[AppleTV or iPad] can add optionally add an August Hub to increase coverage, if your WiFi is spotty to front door, but it’s not mandatory like with other smart home solutions…

I’ve only started dipping my toe into this stuff, but when I got the IKEA lights I still needed a hub set up and connected in order to get everything working with HomeKit. On the HomeKit app I have my AppleTV as a hub AND the Tradfri hub thing. If there was a way to cut the middle man I would be all over it.

The reason the August lock can function without a hub is because the lock and the August hub talk to each other through Bluetooth. Since the AppleTV has Bluetooth support, it can talk directly to the lock.

The reason you can’t do this with your ikea lights, is because the ikea lights talk to the hub with zigbee. The AppleTV has no zigbee support, so it has no way to talk directly with the lights. So instead, it has to talk to the ikea hub and the ikea hub talks to the lights.

Actually my bad…

I have the August doorbell cam that acts as a WiFi bridge for the Lock… without the doorbell cam the August WiFi bridge would be needed!

From the article above:

Controlling the lock is done through August’s smartphone app, and it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Wifi is the least power efficient of all the protocols you listed. I would prefer a hub over buying and changing batteries more frequently.

Also, I’d just note that setting up my lift master garage to work over WiFi has been a total fucking nightmare.

But your going to need/want a hub if are to control the device over the web… no?

Just thinking about security… I’m not sure I would completely trust all of the devices to take care of their own security without a) being blessed, b) traversing through my HomeKit hub/AppleTV… don’t know if that is completely rational or not, but it just gives me a warm and fuzzy

That’s an interesting idea to set up a smart devices network, just to kinda wall it off a bit… worried someone accessing smart devices through WiFi, but also worried about someone accessing home network through smart devices… both directions..

And actually the old one doesn’t necessarily need a "hub"… it’s actually a "WiFi bridge"… I think the old lock only has a bluetooth radio in it.. so you need to connect it via bluetooth to an August doorbell cam or August WiFi bridge as both can act as WiFi bridge for lock…

And it’s a pity. WiFi is a crappy solution for home automation.

Both ZWave and ZigBee support direct associations, so devices like scene selectors can directly work with switches. Or water detectors can directly interface with shutoff valves. They also don’t depend on a third-party service somewhere on the Internet.

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