Microsoft’s new-look Xbox dashboard is rolling out this week

The October update for Xbox is arriving this week, bringing with it a taste of the next generation. Microsoft has announced that a new dashboard design is rolling out to Xbox consoles as part of the latest update, and it’ll also run on the Xbox Series X and Series S when they launch next month.

This new UX was first shown off back in August. Microsoft says the home screen loads 50 percent faster on boot and 30 percent faster when exiting a game, with 40 percent less memory required on the Series X. It’s not clear if owners of older consoles like the One S should expect performance improvements, though.

The layout isn’t hugely different, but there have been tweaks to elements like the Guide and the games library, and visually it’s now a closer match for other Xbox products like the Xbox app for Windows. You can now customize your profile with themes, too, and Microsoft has reshuffled the layout for new users to highlight features like Game Pass and the store.

The update isn’t a huge one, but then Microsoft’s last big overhaul was just this past February. Microsoft does have a penchant for radically redesigning its Xbox UI multiple times each generation, so who knows how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will end up looking like this. For now, though, you can get a head start on its interface by updating your old console.


Hopefully, this means that the existing xbox one apps (Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc) will all run on the new consoles.

Do the older xbox consoles get the animated backgrounds?

The rounded corners look so bizarre and out-of-place on a Microsoft UI. They’re bringing that look to Windows too and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it.


Sorry for you. It looks good.

All the other visual changes look way better, for sure. I love the increased spacing, the transparent frosted glass texture, the tiny beveling on the buttons/tiles, the variety in font weights, the redesigned icons. Far, far superior to what we have in Win10 now.

But the rounded corners are gonna take a little getting used to for me after over 15 years of Metro’s hard edges on MS products. It’ll feel like macOS for a bit, haha.

Still can’t wait for this update, whenever the heck it comes out. I’m just glad that we’re finally getting a desperately needed sense of design unity after years of inconsistency.

It pushes against their hover animations for sure, but I do think there’s still a big step from softened edges and rounded edges. In modern UX speak, the hard edges make something feel punched or cut out, whereas the slightly softened edges make them feel more like independent objects.

I’ll be more impressed when Microsoft finds a way to permeate a design language through the entirety of their OS, though.

I’m with you. The rounded edges offer nothing useful, unless looking like 2010 iOS floats your boat.

I randomly turned on my xbox and was shocked by the new UI. Probably should have finished my RSS feed first.

Feel like I’ve had the UI for a while and don’t think I’m in the Insiders program or anything.

That said, love it. It always seemed incredible (in a bad way) that my One X would seemingly lag in the Store woth the previous UI. Now, it feels very responsive.

Only gripe I have is that video previews seem confined to a small box and doesn’t seem like you can full screen them. Maybe you can, haven’t found a way with button pressing though.

I spent most of this current gen on PS4 and switched back to Xbox this year. I really struggle with the video previews in the store. It drives me crazy that the preview video starts playing but 1/3 of the screen is obscured and there is no obvious way to make the info box go away. Whenever I do get the video full screen, I have no inkling of what voodoo I’ve just done to make it happen. Hopefully that is fixed / improved in the new UI.

Haha, this is exactly my experience.

"Why is the video obscured?"
"Wait, how did I just make the video go full screen?!"

RNG gated mind reading …

Unless they changed it, all you do is wait. When you land on a game page with a video, just don’t press anything. The info/purchase stuff goes away after a few seconds. If you do move down the page, just go back up to the top, and again, wait a few seconds.

I have had that work for me. I think the delay in the info section disappearing may be too long and I get anxious and start ‘trying things’.. lol

The old version was you wait and then it goes full screen (it basically played a video instead of rendering a banner. Believe now it is some kind of art background thing. Haven’t played in about a week so don’t remember). This version you have a small rounded rectangle where it plays down in Screenshots/Video. Waiting doesn’t full screen it, clicking buttons on the controller doesn’t appear to full screen it. Only thing I’ve run into where I dislike it.

I just checked and I believe I’m on the new UI as the store looks very different. As a test I highlighted a game and it started playing the video in the upper right, no sound. I was able to adjust the setting for that to auto-play sound for the video but not full screen. I actually had to click on the game itself to go to it’s page, then was able to tab downward where there was a section for screenshots and a section for videos. In the Videos section I just needed to click on the video and it popped full screen.

I like being able to go to a video section and do exactly what I want.. but the whole layout doesn’t really feel ‘modern’. I’ll have to dig a bit more after work.

If you want to see full previews simply scroll up and it will blow it up to full screen.

I’ve been using the dashboard and new store for a good while now being in the preview program and both are much faster. The new store has been long overdue, the interface, the speed and most important no more clicking a game or movie to see details only for a obtrusive trailer to automatically start playing. You want to to watch those trailers still? Simply scroll up once using and there you go.

The dashboard being nice and streamlined no more left right tiles everything is on one page in the way it transitions and you can organize things and delete unneeded things much better with this dashboard then others.

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