LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale for $87,000

LG has announced that its world-first rollable TV is finally going on sale, albeit in limited fashion. The 65-inch LG Signature OLED R is now available at seven consumer electronics store throughout South Korea and will cost 100 million won, or more than $87,000.

The Signature OLED R is built around a flexible OLED panel that LG describes with characteristic restraint as “the most innovative development in television technology in decades.” Because of its flexible nature, it can retract partially or fully into its base, adapting to different aspect ratios or hiding the panel completely when not in use.

“LG’s exquisite creation liberates users from the limitations of the wall, enabling owners to curate their living environment without having to permanently set aside space for a large, black screen that is only useful when turned on,” the company says in a statement. Buyers will be able to choose between four colors for the wool speaker cover, and the aluminum base can be personalized with an engraving.

Unsurprisingly for such an ambitious product, the Signature OLED R has faced a difficult path to market. LG Display first showed off a rollable TV prototype at CES 2018, and Bloomberg later reported that the display would make its way into a shipping product the next year. LG did indeed bring a commercial rollable TV to the next CES with plans to release it in spring 2019, but it never actually went on sale.


I can wait till they shave the last zero from that price

Yeah, I will definitely need to wait for the Black Friday sale for this thing.

I’ll give you $87 for it

What kind of monster puts their TV against the window?

We just finished extending our windows into a bay so I could have three of these for triple-monitor driving games. Should have waited for the price to be announced.

Someone with a rollable TV?

At least you can get the B&O Harmony with wood trims …

No HDMI cable in the box kills the deal for me.

I mean I was expecting it to be a lot, but not $87,000 over a year late.

I really want to see what the setups look like for the people who buy this. At this price, these are definitely people who would get custom furniture made so that it completely has the illusion of it coming out of the mantle or something.

I’d like one as I’m one of those people who doesn’t want a black shiny slab with a logo on it that screams I’m a TV standing in my living room. Obviously can’t afford it.

A Samsung Frame adequately achieves that goal if you have a wall that makes sense to put it on. I think this is cool tech, but I think it’s functionality is somewhat overstated. When the TV is hidden you’re still going to have that big awkward console as the centerpiece of your room. That said, I’ll be interested to see where the tech goes in the next few years (like a module that could fit into built-in cabinets or a fireplace mantel?).

Just give it a few months and that thing will get down to a much more affordable $65,000.

At this point a short throw projector would make immensely more sense. I’m sure they have built ones that open up by now.

I love my LG Wallpaper TV, this thing is bulky and Fugly, with a ridiculous price tag and a comparatively small screen – Pass

The thing should roll sideways. Then it can be curved for any viewing distance and the box can be tucked in a corner. Also, really adjustable aspect ratio.
This one is just to show off.

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