Apple’s next iPhone will be announced on October 13th

It’s finally here: Apple has announced that its iPhone event will take place on October 13th, with the invitation teasing the announcement with the phrase “Hi, Speed.”

It’s no surprise that this year’s iPhone event is a bit later than normal, as Apple said in July that the iPhone would miss its usual September launch window. The later launch is likely due to delays created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple hasn’t totally sat out of fall hardware season, though, unveiling new Apple Watches and iPads in a mid-September event.

The rumored iPhone 12 lineup is expected to have a new design with squared-off edges (perhaps similar to the iPad Pro) and support for 5G networks. It’s also supposed to come in four different models, including a new 5.4-inch size (which would be smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro) and a 6.7-inch size (which would be the largest iPhone ever). But if you were hoping that the new iPhones would have buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rates, well, you might have to wait for another year. If you want to know more about what’s rumored for the new iPhones, we’ve got a full roundup of everything we think we know right here.

Apple is rumored to have a number of other products in the works, including new over-ear headphones, a smaller and more affordable HomePod, and a competitor to Tile’s location tracking tags that are apparently called AirTags. There’s always the chance Apple shares more about those at the event. And Apple announced in June that it would be releasing its first ARM-based Mac by the end of this year, so we could learn more about that, too.

We’ll be covering the whole event right here at The Verge.


Quick, what do those bubbles mean?!

HomePod audio waves?!?!

A new cheaper HomePod that still does next to nothing. Oh goodie, just what everyone was looking for. NOT! The HomePod was released back in February 2018, and in another 4 months that will make it 3 years old. The competition have added so much more to their smart speakers, and they do a lot more, and provide a lot more services. Plus Apples HomeKit is so far behind, and only supports less than 700 smart home devices. Google Assistant supports over 50,000 smart home devices, and Amazon Alexa supports over 65,000 smart home devices.

Apple needs to open up Siri a lot more than what Apple has given, plus HomeKit is too far behind the competition. If Apple doesn’t do something that is really drastic to Siri, and HomeKit development, then Apple should give up, and stay home when it comes to smart assistants, and smart home support.

I own a homepod and use HomeKit. Enjoy it greatly. To each their own.

It still doesn’t change the fact that Apples one and only smart speaker (HomePod) is still lacking in so many ways. Especially when you compare the HomePod to the competition. Even at Apples lowered price of $299 USD, it’s still way overpriced for what you are getting, and it’s way to limiting in features and functionality. There is much better and cheaper options out there today, and they do more, support more services, and more devices, including Apples devices. So unless you’re a die hard Apple fan boy, then it’s a waste to buy Apple HomePod. No wonder why Apples HomePods sold poorly.

Especially when you compare the HomePod to the competition.

This reminds me of Einstein’s quote: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid". You are comparing a device that is intended to be a high-quality speaker to devices meant to be a vehicle for a service. The HomePod — in its current iteration — is not meant to compete with the Home and the Echo — it is more in competition with a Sonos. With the HomePod, Apple intended to get a high-quality sound experience that links up with other Homepods to expand sound though out a home, adjust to the space it’s in, and hear your voice even with the unit at full volume. Siri isn’t the point of the device — High-quality sound and connecting to the ecosystem is — Siri is just the interface. You have to remember that Apple is a hardware company first that makes services to support their hardware, not a services company that makes hardware to support their services — that’s an important difference.

The point of a Home or an Echo is not the speaker — there are much better speakers available with better tech included — the point is the Assistant and the data brought in by that assistant. The device is trivial in that regard, it’s why the smaller ones are the most popular. It was only about access to the service. They are all great when you take their focus in context. GA is the best all-round Assistant, so any vehicle for it is useful, but the majority out there don’t sound good. Comparing the Homepod with the Home/Echo is like comparing an SUV to a coupe and judging on cargo space — they weren’t built with the same purpose in mind.

lol, homekit has a community of hackers and homebridge around it. This greatly expands what it’s capable of responding too, and almost everything can be hacked to make it work, if you’re unhappy with apple’s selection; Home IoT is going to change completely next year anyway when the big three actually start acting on their Alliance.

I got my homepods for 150 each from someone bemoaning them like you are today, was a great buy:D

I own smart products from all the big three, i’m not really missing anything, it accesses the weather, my normal information, plays whatever song i ask of it (my apple music is free via verizon) and controls most of my homes lights, temp, etc.

I just switched from HomePods to Alexa and I never thought I’d miss Siri so much.
I do not understand how people like Echos

There are four of them, so the natural assumption is tacit support for a "playoff bubble" system for the four major North American professional sports leagues during the pandemic.

That’s really the only thing it could logically mean.

The phone can sense if you are 6feet from another human.

They represent the walls of the Apple walled garden and they are circular to match their Spaceship campus.

Maybe simultaneous data connection on multiple bands?

don’t tempt me with a good time

I bet it’s that, it looks like an airtag if you look closely.

Could be four new products which from top view are circular: airtag, homepod and homepod mini, and airpods studio (side view, maybe the cans will have a circular design).
Or maybe it’s just 4 circles

3d icons!

Easy. Four iPhones, four sizes, 5G speed.
Looking forward to the mini.

Yes! iPhone 13 with no screen.

My first thought was they were lens, so maybe cameras and/or other sensors?

It’s a visual representation of the Apple reality-distortion field, obviously.

The 3 different iPhone sizes!

I’m so ready to upgrade from my X.

Same. It’s been a great 3 years, but it’s about time for a solid upgrade, particularly in the camera department.

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