Microsoft Edge now has coupon and promo codes built in for online shopping

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft is adding a new coupons feature to its Edge browser today. Coupons and promo codes will appear inside Edge as an alert when you’re shopping online, and they can be automatically applied to a basket when you’re ready to check out. The coupons feature also includes price comparisons, so if you’re shopping online, Edge can surface different retailers that might offer items at lower prices.

Microsoft introduced price comparisons in Edge just weeks ago as part of its Collections feature, but this new coupon experience goes even further. It’s part of a big push by Microsoft to position Edge as the browser for online shopping, but the comparisons and coupons only work for US users of the browser right now.

Coupons inside Microsoft Edge.
Image: Microsoft

If you’re not interested in online shopping, Edge is also getting some more productivity improvements that are particularly useful for students. Microsoft is adding in the ability to annotate and add text notes to PDFs, a highly requested feature. And one of the top requested features, according to Microsoft, is making a return to Edge: inking. As part of the new screenshot tool, you’ll now be able to digitally ink and annotate screenshots.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to capture a full webpage in a screenshot later this month. Most existing screenshot tools simply screenshot what you see without the ability to capture an entire webpage or scroll as you grab the screen. Microsoft’s new Edge screenshot tool will automatically scroll down a webpage so you can capture everything in a single image.

Finally, Word and Outlook will also handle copied URLs from Edge a lot more elegantly soon. Microsoft will shorten long links into friendly URLs when you copy links from the address bar in Edge and paste them into Word or Outlook. That’s useful if you don’t want to use or another link shortening service, and you’ll also be able to switch back to the longer URL in the Word or Outlook context menus.


They need to hurry and release history and tab sync. Been waiting on that to switch, I know it was added to the insider builds recently

I believe history and tab sync are slowly rolling out. MS needs to continue investing heavily promoting EDGE as it is becoming one of their best efforts in quite some time.

It’s in the dev builds now, but I read it’s not scheduled to be released this year.

Still weird they took this long with such critical features

The history thing baffles me. I’ve tried multiple times expecting that it had been added by now. I just don’t see where it is that difficult.

"Microsoft Edge now has coupon and promo codes built in for online shopping"
Yes, and it kept covering up what I was trying to see until I went and turned it off.

The inking and screenshot features are the ones I’ve been asking for! Great!

I started using Edge to develop a web page, because it has good developer tools, but the browser has gotten so good, it’s become my primary browser these days. Microsoft is FINALLY killing it on the browser front.

Noticed the coupon feature appear in the last week (UK based user). Haven’t had use of any of the coupons just yet but tried applying one to see if it worked to no avail. Curious to see how it pans out though, seeing as I’m in need of a new TV.
But history and sync is the big one they really need to bring over! I’m already fully on board Edge.

Edge now has coupon and promo codes built in for online shopping

Edge was supposed to be chrome without all the fat and sluggishness. Now Microsoft can’t help itself but go with feature creep. All these useless features make it slower, hungrier for ram and harder on the battery. This sucks

Personally I haven’t seen any real difference between Edgeium and Chrome WRT battery life or performance – both are fine on my modern quad core/16GB laptop and both are sluggish on my poor old dual core/4GB Surface Pro

Anyway I’m more concerned about the URL shortening feature – sure you can turn it off but it’s one of those things that shouldn’t be on by default

I dont feel like ive taken any performance hit with this feature, granted Ive turned it off. Edge has been very performant on my mac

Yep. This should be an officially-supported plugin at most.

Not sure why this is a surprise.

All these efforts by Microsoft on the web browser front is obviously to ultimately get more user data (and steal some away from Google), and this is done with "feature creep".

noticed this in my browser and i never felt any noticeable slowdown.

This one tho. I’ve been looking for good epub apps from MS Store. the one i am using right now is Thorium. hope MS reinstates epub support.

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