Microsoft discontinues Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital edition ahead of Series X launch

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Microsoft is officially halting production of its Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition consoles. “As we ramp into the future with Xbox Series X, we’re taking the natural step of stopping production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally.”

Reports of Xbox One X and Xbox One S shortages have surfaced in recent weeks, and there has been an increased demand in Microsoft and Sony’s current-gen consoles during the pandemic. While production is ending on the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S digital edition, it’s likely that stock for some retailers will still be available in the coming months. “Gamers can check with their local retailers for more details on Xbox One hardware availability,” says a Microsoft spokesperson.

The Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured.
Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

Microsoft first introduced the Xbox One X back in November 2017. Designed as “the world’s most powerful console” at the time, Microsoft focused on power and hardware for its 6 teraflop Xbox One X.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was only launched in April last year, as a disc-less version of the Xbox One S. Reports have suggested sales were strong for this particular console, and Microsoft even bundled it as part of the $19.99 monthly Xbox All Access subscription that includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate access.

Microsoft is planning to continue its Xbox All Access subscriptions for the Xbox Series X launch later this year, offering subscribers an opportunity to upgrade to the new console. The software maker is also expected to launch a cheaper, less powerful next-gen Xbox. Codenamed “Lockhart,” this second Xbox is likely to form a big part of Microsoft’s pricing approach for its next-gen Xbox plans.

Microsoft is rumored to be preparing to unveil this second Xbox next month, after reports suggested the company originally planned to reveal its existence in June. This second console may also be called Xbox Series S and is expected to target 1080p / 1440p gaming.


As far as values go, the current Xbox One S is a great product even if you are not interested in gaming. Not only does it do 4K streaming on every major service but it also offers 4K Blue-Ray, multiple USB ports, internal storage, and has some cool HDMI in ports to allow one box to play both your media and your cable box output. You can get a new one for about the same price as an UHD BD player.

If only there was a good streaming remote….the PDP remote has an incredibly short battery lifespan (under 2 months) and is pretty poor quality.

On my 2nd PDP controller myself lol

The One S is my main media device. It beats anything else connected to my TV for streaming, plus there’s the 4K BD drive. Its apps are kept up to date, the interface is (relatively) fast, and it has pretty much everything you could want.

Value-wise, though, I’m not so sure right now. I don’t play games at all on my One S – I think I own 2, one of which it came with (Madden 18). There just have never been many exclusives I’m interested in, and the cross-platform games are almost all better on the PS4 (or PC). Luckily I got my console 2 years ago… when it was actually cheaper. My hard drive died a little while ago so I briefly considered just buying a new One S, and I was shocked to see that it actually costs more now (and significantly more) than when I bought my original one. It’s a very expensive media player if that’s what you’re primarily buying it for. (I ended up just replacing the hard drive with an SSD myself.)

btw, for what it’s worth the One S just uses regular infra-red for the remote, so you can use basically any universal remote with it. My Harmony Elite works fine, but any remote that just has generic media controls should work.

I use my Harmony remote with mine. Works pretty well.

I found out that my LG magic remote that came with my OLED can be set up to work with an Xbox.

What do you mean by streaming remote? The xbox remote works perfectly fine on mine. It lasts quite a while as well, quite a few months.

Discontinuing those systems now for a presumed November launch seems…early.

I wonder if this means a September launch is possible.

I’d guess the thinking is that anyone looking to buy a One X now would just wait for the new one, and it is probably too expensive to make to cut the price below a point where it would be competitive against the "Lockhart" system.

I’d say so. The One X isn’t at a low price point where it makes a lot of sense to buy one now, and I doubt many will.

They also probably need the One X gone as the console has a pretty weird overlap with Longhorn. At least some rumoured specs would have the One X beating Longhorn, namely the old model is 6 Tflop to 4, a metric MS likes to tout as a measure of progress and performance. But the One X lacks the new SSD for next gen games. I think it being on the shelves next to Longhorn would be very confusing and ultimately detrimental. I think clearing it out is a good idea.

I think it being on the shelves next to Longhorn would be very confusing and ultimately detrimental

Couldn’t agree more. Windows Vista and the Xbox One X don’t have much in common

I’m waiting for the Blackcomb or Whistler XBOX.

It’s important to note that teraflops aren’t necessarily directly comparable across device generations. 4 TFlops on the newer architecture will likely meet or exceed the previous 6 TFlop performance of the One X based on other improvements and efficiencies in the GPU. That said, I do think the Xbox One X is likely a graphical benchmark they set for themselves on the cheaper machine.

Not really, there are still Xbone consoles for sale, they only cut these SKUs.

They are no longer manufacturing new ones. As the XBox One wasn’t exactly the Nintendo Switch even at its prime, retailers still have plenty in stock. I remember during Black Friday retailers had them so cheap they were practically giving them away and there were still stacks of them sitting unsold. If I had any video game playing ability at all – sorry I don’t – I would have gotten one just to use as a media player and maybe poke around Forza or something.

So they won’t run out of stock before November 2020. It is debatable if they would before November 2021.

At least here in the U.S. all consoles have been sold out in alot of places since the virus hit. Was trying to get a PS4 and the guy at Target said I’d have the best luck with that (they were out but still getting some of those occasionally), but the Xbox One S and the Switch (not the new handheld only) were basically impossible (that was about a month ago).

You are right. I forgot about the COVID-19 impact. So your anecdote is a more accurate reflection of current circumstances than mine.

Discontinuing those systems now for a presumed November launch seems…early.

Okay, but "early" based on what?

Unless you are aware of what’s going in in the supply chain, you can’t possibly know either way.

early based on the fact that it’s july? That’s 4 months without retail availability of a high end console – traditionally speaking the last-gen consoles stuck around for the first few years of availability during a new console cycle as a lower cost option.

I doubt many people would be buying the One X right now. Why invest the extra money at the high end when the successor is just around the corner? The regular One S is still available for people wanting to pick up the last generation games cheap.

early based on the fact that it’s july? That’s 4 months without retail availability of a high end console

You don’t know how much inventory is in the supply chain already

Well other console maker often continue to make old consoles well into the next generation. But considering Microsoft are limping out of this one having well and truly been beaten by Nintendo and Sony, it no surprise they are ending production this soon. They probably should have cut their losses earlier.

This has been widely presumed, the One X and Digital edition have been widely reported to be marked as discontinued.

Also, doesn’t November 2017-July 2020 make the One X one of the shortest-lived major consoles? The Wii U lasted longer than it.

One X isn’t a separate console generation though.

On the technical level, that’s true, but if you compare the marketing, 1st party output, and physical design, the One S/X might as well be a different 8th generation console.

There were zero One X exclusive games. The launch marketing was big, but most of that felt like they were trying to make up lost ground against Sony and re-capture the "gamer" headspace they’d ceded at launch. The physical design was just a minor revision of the already-launched One S.

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