Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is already sold out pretty much everywhere online in the US

The queue outside Micro Center in Brooklyn.
Photo by TC Sottek / The Verge

Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 graphics card went on sale earlier today, but it seems the new $699 GPU is already sold out pretty much everywhere. In the US, Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and Nvidia’s own website are either listing the card as being out of stock or only with an option to be notified when a card is in stock. Even stock checking sites like NowInStock.net are coming up empty-handed.

Across Twitter, reports are popping up of people attempting to buy the card in person and not having much more luck. One user reported people camping outside their local Micro Center for two days to secure one of the store’s stock of just 11 cards. Another posted a picture of people queuing up overnight outside their local store before its manager was forced to inform a queue of “30-40 people” that they could only guarantee 10 cards in stock.

When we visited a Micro Center in Brooklyn for ourselves at 10AM ET today, we found a queue had formed outside as people waited to get their hands on the new graphics card. We were not able to buy one for ourselves.

Understandably, a lot of people are angry about having missed out on the first batch of the new hardware. The replies to a recent tweet from Nvidia offer some great examples. Some reported keeping multiple browser tabs open for different online stores ready to buy the new cards, only to miss out on all of them. Others said that despite their efforts to constantly refresh the page, they never saw the option to actually buy a card.

It’s unclear how long these stock shortages could last. In a recent tweet, Newegg previously said that it wouldn’t make its entire stock of cards available on day one. However, Nvidia recently told us that the cards are now in mass production with “great” yields, which gives some hope that there might be more stock available soon.

Having tried out the card for ourselves, we’re not surprised that it’s proven popular. Although it requires a powerful power supply to run, we found it offers a huge boost in performance over Nvidia’s previous generation of cards, especially when running at higher resolutions like 1440p and 4K, or when using new technologies like DLSS and ray tracing. “4K PC gaming is here, and it’s finally a lot more affordable,” my colleague Tom Warren wrote.

The Nvidia RTX 3080 isn’t the only new graphics card the company has coming out this year. In a week’s time, on September 24th, the company is releasing the RTX 3090, a $1,499 monster of a GPU, which the company claims is capable of 60fps gaming at 8K. In October, the company plans to release the RTX 3070, a cheaper $499 card. Given the response we’ve seen today, we’re not expecting the RTX 3070 to be much easier to get your hands on. Competitor AMD also has its own graphics card announcement planned for October 28th.

If it makes you feel any better, console gamers haven’t had it much better over the past 24 hours. After Sony announced that PS5 preorders would be going live on September 17th, some retailers starting taking orders early, turning the whole situation into a bit of a chaotic mess.


I tried online at 8am local time and they went from coming soon to sold out. I got one to cart but didn’t get to checkout. I then drove to my local Best Buy and was second in line and they have any in stock

This is probably for the best. The smartest thing to do is wait for RDNA2 and see not only what AMD has available, but also what Nvidia does to respond to what they release.

Smartest thing to do is upgrade when you need to, not when hardware drops.

However it’s usually the best value to buy video cards when it drops as you can get the max life out of one purchase, as they are designed to last a very long time. Cross shopping AMD doesn’t add to value, it just makes your purchase more informed if you aren’t 100% sure a 3080 is what you want.

Reality is people already have a ballpark expectation about AMD’s offering. If you are in a big need to upgrade and can’t score a 3080 maybe that is more like, a second chance.

Well, obviously only buy what you need. However, AMD may drive a reaction from Nvidia, either through model introduction with better value, or a price tweak. It’s only a month’s wait for AMD news. Had it been 6 months, sure, that’s way too long of a wait.

In the past any reaction as a result of a later, same-cadence announcement is like a 3 to 6-month wait, so it’s not worth waiting for unless you are really just going to wait for the 3060 anyways. There are a lot of data points on how both companies behave in this space and generally they are within those expectations. which is to say 3080 is a flagship product and sets the pace, and AMD is probably going to fall in line with those pricing per performance tiers.

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is already sold out pretty much everywhere online in the US

This is misleading. Most stores didn’t even sell any because stock was so limited. This has all the earmarks of a paper launch.

I had all the websites up at 8AM, ready for the 9AM EST launch. Not a single one was available. Went from "coming soon" to "sold out", they were sniped by bots, or was a fake launch. Perhaps this is some fake launch to build hype. Not saying people didn’t them, but there were very, very few around.

Why are so many eBay sales at $2,000+? If you wanted that, just go buy a 3090. It makes ZERO sense. These cards, barely better than a 2080Ti, are certainly not worth 4 times the MSRP. I could understand, maybe, a $1500 3090 going for that.

I got the "buy now" to appear on nvidia’s own page by refreshing it, but it lagged out when placing the 3080 in cart. Other store websites just crashed out on me before the buy option appeared.

I have seen one on eBay go for $8000 with 18 bids… like seriously… who the hell has that kind of money to just throw away?.

At least the managers at the physical locations informed the people waiting of the number in stock. Nothing worse than queuing up and at 8am they inform you they have 5.

I find it funny that the article mentions that some retailers started selling the PS5 early. No, all of them did within minutes and some hours of the sony announcement. None of them started preorders on the 17th.

I had "Notify Me" requests at all the major retailers I would buy from (BestBuy, B&H, Newegg, and Nvidia). I only got one email from Nvidia an hour after the mess went down.

I am just waiting for retail to restock and everything calms down. It’s just a video card.

There is currently an eBay listing going for over $80K !?!!? https://www.ebay.com/itm/124341008802

Unfortunately, this is not just a video card anymore. It’s THE video card of choice for most high-end video card usage needs in terms of price/performance ratio, and that ratio will likely remain king for the next 5 years until NVIDIA moves to the next big thing after RTX.

It’s not just gamers that want it. Hollywood producers, graphic designers, cryptocurrency miners, and AI R&D teams are all hopping all over it.

The 3090 offers marginally better performance, for a price tag that is almost twice as high and simply not worth the investment for most people unless they REALLY want to game on a giant 8k screen.

No offense but that’s what I was told getting the 2080TI and I feel like an ass at this point.

Exact same thing happened with the RTX 2000 series. My card, the EVGA FTW3 RTX 2080 Ti went on sale in September 2018 but I was not able to score one (at MSRP prices at least) until March 5, 2019, for $1300. Wait until March and the cards should be available by then. I am NOT going nuts to upgrade as I won’t really need it until I buy a 4K 120 Hz IPS monitor anyways. For 1440P at 120 Hz, my present card is fine, even for MS Flight Sim 2020, heh.

Nvidia and all the resellers could have prioritized people who had previously bought an NVIDIA of an earlier generation card before the 30xx launch announcement. Nvida store could have gone a bit further and cross referenced against owned / regular used cards in the geforce experience.

Selling to existing owners seems like a good loyalty/goodwill reward.

So, are we calling lines queues now? Is that the new hip thing or are we making a correction here in the US? I’m cool either way, just curious/don’t know the new rules.

Be careful making jokes here, the mods are likely to call you "antagonistic" (or maybe "anglophobic", in your case) and threaten you with a ban.

Well, I’m kind of serious. I just haven’t noticed that here. Maybe it’s just me which is why I’m asking. I know I didn’t notice articles about black Friday last year referring to lines as queues.

In Europe lines are called queues. Kinda stange but alot of people use lines\queues interchangeably these days.

Yep. I’ve travelled to Europe a lot for work and knew that they referred to lines as queues and it makes sense. But I’ve never heard it referred to that way here in the US.

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